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Students and Alumni Vocal, Board Still Silent on Presidential Candidate Search

Halfway through October, there is still no word on the College’s next president. The Board of Trustees will meet Monday, Oct.18 to discuss the presidential search in a closed session by teleconference, a conversation that began at their last executive session on Oct. 3. As the Board deliberates, the campus buzzes with speculation and differing perspectives on the candidates.

Two weeks ago, at the conclusion of the presidential candidates’ campus visits, the Presidential Search Committee delivered their recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The recommendations have not been disclosed.

Presidential Candidates Bacchus, Baenninger, and Bruno Visit Campus

Over the past two weeks, the last three of the four presidential candidates visited the College. Jim Bacchus, MaryAnn Baenninger and Joe Bruno each visited for three days, during which they were given a tour of the campus and met with students, faculty and staff and the administration.

From the Chief’s Desk: Urging Students to be More Engaged

I often hear from students that the administration doesn’t value student opinion when making decisions for the College. While student outreach might not always be consistent, it seems the Presidential Search Committee has tried to give a fair amount of student access to the presidential candidates brought to campus. It Read More