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Misconception of Seahawks: Local Radio Personalities Disrespect St. Mary’s in Condescending Rant

On Nov. 22, a local radio station (Star 98.3) broadcasted a show that focused on St. Mary’s campus events, yet the radio personalities’ lack of empathy and misunderstanding of the issues illustrates the overall problem our society is currently facing: college students are often treated as unintelligent, naive, and inexperienced. Read More

Trigger Warnings Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean: A Practical Application

It will get better, keep hope alive

So you’re an English professor. On the list for your semester’s curriculum is the book Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. You consider this book a necessary text, on many grounds—Nabokov’s mastery of language, his use of an unreliable narrator, the cultural impact the book has had—whatever. Doesn’t matter. It’s an important Read More