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Tag: NS&M

Dr. Perline Shows Students the Light at NSM Lecture

On September 19, Dr. Ron Perline, a professor of calculus and differential geometry at Drexel University, presented his topic, “Non-Euclidean Flashlights: A Tale of Two Blackboards”, for the Natural Science and Mathematics Colloquium. Dr. Perline, who was the PH.D advisor of St. Mary’s professor of mathematics, Emek Köse, formatted his Read More

Zombie Apocalypse According to a Chemist, Psychologist, Science Major

Hollywood has tried to make our worst nightmares imaginable for years, but on Wednesday, Jan. 25, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Leah Eller, Assistant Professor of Psychology Scott Mirabile, and senior Chemistry and Biology double major Steven Rees all joined forces to tell the scenarios of a real life zombie apocalypse. Read More

Transparent Zebrafish Used as Digestion Models

Steve Farber, faculty member at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and the creator of BioEYES, came to St. Mary’s on Nov. 2 as part of the Natural Science and Mathematics (NS&M) Colloquium Series. One of Farber’s focuses was his outreach program BioEYES, which brings zebrafish into elementary school classrooms for Read More

Explaining Quantum Physics to Your Dog (Or an English Major)

As part of the Natural Science and Mathematics (NS&M) Colloquium series this semester, Union College professor Chad Orzel discussed his new book How to Teach Physics to Your Dog and how to relate the basics of quantum mechanics to everyday examples in his presentation What Every Dog Should Know About Quantum Physics, given in Schaefer Hall last Wednesday.