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Adjusted Campus Farm Bill Passes SGA

In the last Student Government Association meeting, a bill to expand the funding of the Campus Farm and cover expenses for supplies and summer employment was approved, with changes and contingencies given the current economic difficulties of the SGA this semester. Co-written by sophomore SGA senator Alex Walls and sophomore senator Becky White, the bill brought to light the current funding situation of the Campus Farm, a quarter-acre of land in Historic St. Mary’s City officially established in Spring 2010 to grow a variety of vegetables to be sold to the College community.

Campus Farm Not as Expensive as It May Seem

As the student fee increase is being currently debated, one of the most talked about items that will be receiving the funding is the Campus Farm. While I understand why members of the SGA are emphasizing the importance of new additions to the overall budget as a way to justify the fee increase, I can’t help but feel that there is serious misrepresentation of how much money the Campus Farm receives from the SGA and how relevant the Campus Farm’s needs are to the current SGA budget conundrum.

St. Mary’s Campus Farm Expanding to an Acre, Looks to Gain Revenue

As a result of plans to expand the Campus Farms to a larger plot size, the Community Garden club has come up with several solutions of how to tend it, ranging from a farming internship to authorization to sell produce. In the coming months, Bon Appetit may begin regularly serving fruits and vegetables grown organically and farmed by the St. Mary’s student body.