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Tag: Budget

Athletics Dept. Optimistic Despite Rising Costs, Increased Need for Fundraising

Due to changes in funding and cost increases for programs and equipment, the Athletics Department has made several changes to its operations, including varsity team’s greater reliance on fundraising, staff cuts, and playoff restructuring. Director of Athletics and Recreation Scott Devine said that operational changes in athletics departments because of Read More

College Freezes Some Endowments, Will Continue to Cover Scholarships

Because of the current economic climate, St. Mary’s will no longer be receiving up to $875,000 of endowment support. However, the college’s administration has taken precautions to make sure that this downturn does not affect the valuable scholarships endowments provide. Endowments are primarily handled by the St. Mary’s College foundation, Read More

Academic Budgets Cut

The College’s academic departments saw 15 percent of their yearly discretionary budget slashed earlier this spring, according to Provost Larry Vote and numerous department chairs. Maryland Higher Education Student Advisory Council Representative Lauren Payne said the budget cuts were “unfortunate given that we are an Honors College and academics should Read More