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Tag: All-Student Referendum

Students Vote in Favor of Raising Student Fees

Voting on the issue of raising student fees ended on Saturday, April 23 at midnight with a total of 33.3 percent of the student body voting on the referendum and 78 percent of the votes in support of the referendum to raise student fees, according to an email sent out by sophomore Joshua Santangelo, Student Government Association (SGA) Parliamentarian. Student fees will be raised $25 per student, per year in order to fund the SGA’s general operating budget which goes towards funding clubs and SGA sponsored events like on-campus films and World Carnival. This fee raise will go into effect in the fall semester of 2012.

What Good’s a Student Fee Anyway?

If you care to examine your bill on the St. Mary’s Portal, you will see a line for a Mandatory Full Time Fee, $235 of which is your Student Fee. And if you’ve been paying attention to campus affairs recently, you may have heard a lot of hubbub about increasing that fee. In a financially tense time, how can the SGA possibly think this is necessary? How far would an extra $25 go anyway? Well, as it turns out, miles.

From the Chief’s Desk: Vote…and Vote Yes

While conducting interviews for “Academic Budgets Cut,” I was frequently stunned by the amount of discretionary funds that each academic department receives every fiscal year. The amounts, which often hovered around 35,000 dollars, were absolutely dwarfed by the Student Government Association’s budget of about 350,000 dollars per year. Even The Read More