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Ask The Wellness Experts: Having A Safe Spring Break

“I came back from spring break with second-degree sunburn, chlamydia, and trip to the emergency room for alcohol poisoning. It was the best Spring Break ever!” said no college student in history. SO… how do you have a great spring break and avoid: sunburns, alcohol poisoning, and sexually transmitted infections Read More

Orientation Sobriety Pledge – Give it a Shot!

By now, President Joesph Urgo’s all-student email (as well as all-staff and all-faculty email) has either been read or deleted by the campus. For those of you who may have chosen the latter option before reading it, let me briefly summarize it here. Essentially, Urgo has implemented a policy for the entire St. Mary’s community to remain alcohol-free, or “dry,” for the first four days of the 2011-2012 school year.