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Category: World Perspective

Maryland State Sanctuary Bill H.B. 1362 Rejected in Senate

A bill proposing that Maryland curtails its police force from assisting federal immigration officers has put our state in the center of the national immigration debate. “The Maryland Trust Act” (H.B. 1362) calls for what has been referred to as “Sanctuary Status” for the state. This measure is exceptionally relevant Read More

Demonstrators Charged After Killing Sheep, Stripping Naked, and Chaining Themselves to Auschwitz Main Gate

At the end of March, eleven people gathered outside the gates of Auschwitz in southern Poland to slaughter sheep, strip naked, and chain themselves to the gates at the entrance of the former Nazi-Germany concentration camp. Investigators claim that the group are pacifists who were attempting to send an antiwar Read More

Long-lost Medieval Jewish Cemetery Clues Uncovered in Rome

Evidence of persecution in Rome’s “Field of Jews” has been uncovered recently in a long-long Jewish cemetery. This cemetery dates back more than 500 years ago and was loosely referred to in Latin as “Campus Iudeorum,” or “Field of Jews.” This site has been recorded in literary sources for decades; Read More

Bridges, Walls, and Multilateral Negotiations: How Europe is Handling the Migration Crisis

The inevitability of addressing the refugee migration crisis weighs heavily on the European Union (EU), but member nations are still far from reaching a consensus regarding accountability and resettlement procedures. Some countries—notably Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia—have decidedly closed their borders to refugees, despite the cited irony that Read More