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Category: World Perspective

A Call for Unity: Coming Together Post-Election

On Thursday, November 10th, in the wake of the 2016 election, the inter-varsity club—alongside the St. Mary’s Black Student Union and Latinos Unidos—organized a march for peace and unity to reinforce the importance of community in a time of great divisiveness. The event began at 8p.m. at the Campus Center. Read More

A Recap of Election 2016: “Predicting the Outcome”

The 2016 election season draws to a close, marking a turbulent journey for the Republican and Democratic nominees, a journey that was so often marred by misconduct. To cap off the campaigns, St. Mary’s hosted a discussion of the election that included not only the individuals at the top of Read More

« L’Aide » en Haïti à la suite d’Ouragan Matthew

Pendant le débat présidentiel américain du 19 octobre, candidat démocratique Hillary Clinton a parlé d’Haïti. Au vu d’ouragan Matthew, qui a débarqué en Haïti le 4 octobre, Clinton a dit : « Haïti est le pays le plus pauvre de notre hémisphère. Les séismes et les ouragans, ils ont dévasté Haïti. Bill Read More

World Reaction to the 2016 Presidential Election

With the U.S. 2016 presidential election coming to a close, it is interesting to take a look at what other countries are making of what is probably the most controversial election in American history. While millions of Americans were watching this election play out, the rest of the globe watched Read More

Talking Heads: Climate Change

“Talking Heads” is an ongoing dialogue among campus political groups that serves as an open forum for discussing major national issues. All political groups are welcome to participate in a respectful manner that is representative of their party’s platform. If you represent a political group that would like to participate Read More