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Category: World Perspective

Dozens of Department of Homeland Security Officials Depart Amidst Immigration Tensions

Dozens of high-level security officials have resigned or have been replaced in what top news outlets have been calling an “overhaul” of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Among the departing officials is the DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and the Secret Service Director Randolph D. Alles. The stream of departures Read More

Associates of President Jordan Suspected of Ties to Russian, North Korean governments

Last week, several associates of President Jordan were investigated for alleged ties to the Russian and North Korean governments. Longtime friends of Jordan Gennadiy Jakov and Kim Yoo Suk were arrested in their SMCM offices on March 25th after wiretapped phone conversations revealed intent to “undermine the democratic practices of Read More

Republicans forced to respect women’s bodily autonomy for first time in modern history

On Sunday, March 30th the Supreme Court ruled on the landmark case of Humanity v. Republicans, overturning decades old legislation that has denied women bodily autonomy since its creation. Many of the laws restricted and effectively inhibited a person’s right to abortion, freedom from sexual assault, and in general created Read More

Venezuela in a State of Chaos, United States Withdraws from Embassy

One month since interim President Juan Guaido’s declaration of Maduro’s illegitimacy sent Venezuela into chaos, the country remains in turmoil and continues to face shortages of essential items, including clean water, toilet paper, and, until recently, power. Prices within the country have suffered from extreme inflation beginning toward the end Read More

Ilhan Omar and the Anti-Hate Resolution Cause Controversy in the House

In response to continuing criticism of representative Ilhan Omar’s statements about Israel, House Democrats have drafted a formal statement condemning anti-semitism, causing heated debate among Democrats and Republicans alike. The argument started when Omar defended a tweet she made in 2012, that said, “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah Read More