Rowing Team Accidentally Rows All the Way to Antarctica

Written by Kristina Norgard

A freak accident occurred on the St. Mary’s River last weekend that had never happened before in St. Mary’s College of Maryland history. During an early morning practice, the seahawk DIII Rowing team accidentally rowed all the way to the continent of Antarctica. We reached out to a few members of the team to ask if they could comment on this awkward and odd experience they had. 

Emma McNesby ‘22, grappled to explain the incident noting the change in temperature and a possible reason why this could have happened, “We all started to get really cold but Coach just said it was free speed.”

Zoe Grabenstetter ‘20 recalled the moment where they knew and figured out that something was horrifyingly wrong but chose not to say anything, “I knew we weren’t in Maryland anymore when we stopped running into crab traps but no one said anything so I just kept going.”

Erin Lanham ‘22, shared her side of the story, explaining where the crux of the incident may have originated, “Ok, look. Yes, I steer the boat. Yes, I fell asleep halfway through the row. Yes, when I woke up we were in Antarctica. But it’s not my fault Coach makes us wake up at 5:00 in the morning!”

It seems that the bystander effect might have gotten the best of the team when confusion ensued since no one really had any clear direction or sense of what to do. The leadership of the team may be in extreme question and consequently also the liability of the college at this current point in time for their precious student-athletes, especially for a team “off-campus trip” to happen so spontaneously. But, The Point News is more than happy to report that the endurance and stamina of the team seem to be better than any other previous season ever recorded in Seahawk history. 

After realizing that there were a few penguins who hid as cargo on the way, they left three of them in Florida. They then found another one hidden in the back of a boat that one of the student-athletes had tried to keep as a pet in North Carolina respectively, but they had to leave the penguin there where they could find new lives on the beaches. The team returned back to campus faster than they got to Antarctica surprisingly. The athletic trainer met them on the docks to check out the athletes and see if they had any signs of hypothermia or over-exhaustion. Thanks to global warming, there were no signs of hypothermia. In fact, luckily only one of the team members was hurt or injured in any way. One of the penguins had slapped them silly and ultimately unconscious with their flippers. 

The rowing team coach even considered giving them a day off after the incident, but then decided not to instead. The team continues to wake up early and work hard as dedicated student-athletes on the beautiful river they get to call home. The Point News wishes the rowing team athletes and coaches the best of luck this season and for them to continue working hard, but guys, not that hard. 

Disclaimer: This article was published as a part of our April Fools Edition.

Public Safety Officers to Form Division III Men’s Volleyball Team

Written by Olivia Sothoron

The St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) Office of Public Safety released a statement announcing the formation of a Men’s Volleyball team forming on Campus, made up entirely by male Public Safety Officers. SMCM made an announcement explaining their excitement for the new team, stating that they hope this will give SMCM students a sense of the importance of Public Safety on campus. 

The announcement read: “We are pleased to confirm the rumors regarding the establishment of a Public Safety Men’s Division III Volleyball team at SMCM. Our officers have been training hard for this. We cannot wait to see the publicity that will be brought to our school through the creation of this team.”

Within the Capital Athletic Conference (CAC), the Public Safety officers have organized to play against the safety officers at other colleges. They are looking forward to learning from the Women’s Volleyball team, who they hope will be able to teach them about the game itself and how to prevent chafing from the tight spandex they plan on sporting throughout their season. 

One Public Safety officer remarked, “I am most excited for the SMCM students and campus community to gain a stronger appreciation for the Public Safety officers. We want to prove to them that we do more than ride around on our golf carts unlocking door rooms and ticketing students who are supposed to be parked in Lot T.” 

Some students have remarked noticing the Public Safety officers practicing in the Michael P. O’Brien Athletic and Recreation Center (MPOARC) as well as on the beach. A few college students have reported the spotting to the Public Safety officers on duty, claiming that they had spotted a group of older men in really short shorts playing around on college property. They were informed shortly that these men were merely their noble protectors, Public Safety officers. 

A member of the SMCM athletic board noted that they are looking forward to the addition of the new sports team. “We are hoping that the new Public Safety team draws out big crowds and strengthens our athletic department. I mean, who does not want to come watch middle aged men in really short shorts playing volleyball? That sounds pretty great to me.”

The Office of Public Safety is also hoping that the establishment of this new team will serve as a recruiting method for aspiring public safety officers around the country. One Public Safety officer explained, “We are hoping that people will see that we have a Public Safety Men’s Volleyball team and will want to work at SMCM. That way, we can try to keep Public Safety officers for more than just a few months at a time.” 

The Public Safety Men’s Volleyball team will make its debut in the fall of 2020 in the main gym of the MPOARC. They are asking SMCM students, staff and faculty to clear their schedules for the afternoon of August 28, when they will be going up against the officers from Christopher Newport University. 

If you are into volleyball or middle aged, unathletic men in really short shorts, be sure to come out and support your very own SMCM Public Safety Men’s Volleyball team.

Disclaimer: This article was published as a part of our April Fools Edition.

After Only A Year of Use, Jamie L. Roberts Stadium to Be Bulldozed for Larger Arena

Written by Devin Garner.

In a shocking turn of events at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, college officials have announced that the Jamie L. Roberts Stadium will be bulldozed for a larger domed stadium at the end of the academic year. 

Many athletes are shocked by the news that was emailed to them on the morning of April 1. One athlete on the lacrosse team stated, “I am simply astonished by the news of the demolition of  ‘The Jamie.’ This stadium was incredible and I thought we would play here for years to come. I am very disappointed to hear the news but I am looking forward to the opportunity to play in a domed stadium for the first time in my career.” 

When contacting college officials to ask for a reason behind the shocking news, many members of the administration refused to comment. However, one member of the administration did express their anger with the news. She stated, “I am saddened that all the time and effort that went into this beautiful stadium will not mean anything.” She went on to say, “We need to focus more of our attention on improving other aspects around campus and less on demolishing a stadium that was beautiful and already loved by many.”

The Jamie L. Roberts Stadium had the intentions of improving enrollment as faculty envisioned that it would draw in many great athletes and would strengthen the Division III sports that take place at the college. While the stadium is one of the nicer stadiums in all of Division III sports, the college has something more in mind. Upon being contacted by another college official on the news she stated, “This new domed stadium has the intentions to allow St. Mary’s to compete at the Division I level. The new domed stadium will be for all athletes to use and will provide a great atmosphere for students to gain a sense of school spirit. We hope to join the Big 10 and compete with schools like the University of Maryland and Penn State.”

The new domed stadium will now be referred to as the Jamie L. Roberts Arena. The arena is intended to have a capacity of 19,000 fans, which is even bigger than the University of Maryland’s Xfinity Center. Not to mention, there are less than 2,000 students at St. Mary’s, so there will be plenty of space for family members, friends, random strangers on the streets, and pretty much anyone else. Not only will the arena house both outdoor and indoor sports but it will also host large lecture-sized classrooms. 

While the news is stunning to many, it is going to improve the overall student body involvement throughout campus. According to a college official, “this is going to be a great place for the college to come together as a community and support our student athletes.”

While the arena has great intentions, many students of the college fear the implications that the arena will have on the college. One student on campus said, “I fear that this arena will lead to the expansion of the college and cause it to lose that community feel. I came to St. Mary’s because I wanted a small campus with not many students. I fear this new arena will ruin that.”

Many students and faculty are now anxiously awaiting the demolition of the Jamie L. Roberts Stadium that will take place after the Spring 2020 semester. Some are outraged at the news while others are enthralled by the opportunity. Time will only tell what this news means for the future of the college.

Disclaimer: This article was published as a part of our April Fools Edition.

With New Leadership, Redskins Hope to Have Successful Squad

Written by Devin Garner.

Through recent years, The Washington Redskins have consistently been the laughingstock of the National Football League (NFL). Last season, the team fired sixth year head coach, Jay Gruden halfway through the season and finished the year 3-13. As a result of the lackluster season, the franchise also fired President of Football Operations, Bruce Allen. 

The team hired former Carolina Panthers head coach, Ron Rivera to begin the process of a long awaited rebuild. Rivera brings a great amount of experience to the Redskins organization. Before leading the Panthers for nine seasons, he was the defensive coordinator for both the Chicago Bears and San Diego Chargers. At Rivera’s introductory press conference, owner, Dan Synder, stated that Rivera was the change the organization needed. He stated, “What the Redskins have needed is a culture change… Someone that can bring a winning culture to our organization. That starts and ends with our head coach.”

In previous seasons with Gruden at the helm, the team had received criticism as there were stories circulating that the control of the team was not in the hands of the head coach, but rather in the hands of the front office. Snyder vows that will change as he argues, “One thing that is very, very important. We are going to have one voice, and only one voice alone. That’s the coach’s.”

Since taking over the franchise, the organization has already begun to prove that Rivera will possess the majority of the power with player decisions. The team has decided to cut ties with veteran corner, Josh Norman, veteran wide receiver, Paul Richardson and has granted permission to veteran tackle, Trent Williams, to seek a trade. Not only has the team made these moves to cut down on their salary cap, but also to make room to develop young players who they hope will be around for the team’s future success. 

The team is hoping to build around young stars such as wide receiver, Terry McLaurin and defensive end, Jonathan Allen. They hold the second overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft and seem destined to pick the star defensive end from Ohio State, Chase Young. In an interview by NBC Sports Washington with Ohio State beat writer, Bill Rabinowitz, he states, “He is everything you want in a defensive end… He is quick, he is fast, he is strong, he is a very good technician. He cares. It is about as no-brainer of a pick as you are going to find, honestly.”
The future of the organization is bright as the franchise has many young players to build off of and is now under the strong leadership of Rivera. In an interview with 106.7 the fan, Rivera stated his message to the team this season: “Well, what I tell them first and foremost, so everybody understands, it’s about getting the opportunity and then taking advantage of the opportunity. Not everybody will get a chance to play in this league.” He went on to state his ultimate goal for the future of the franchise: “Well, the vision is I want to be able to create a winning, sustainable culture for us here. I want us to be able to continue that for a period of time.”

Orioles Showcase Future in Spring Training

Written by Andrew Atkins.

The Baltimore Orioles are in quite a unique situation heading into the 2020 Major League Baseball (MLB) season. They have no expectations. The ball club that finished a league worst 47-115 in 2018 and a surprisingly better 54-108 in 2019, is expected to finish at the bottom of the league once again in 2020. Fangraphs predicts that the Orioles will finish the 2020 campaign in last place and with a record of 61-101. However this is all part of the plan. 

When Baltimore hired Executive Vice President and General Manager Mike Elias prior to the 2019 season, they knew that a big overhaul was in store. Even though they had traded away big stars such as Manny Machado, Zack Britton, and Kevin Gausman in order to acquire numerous prospects, the Baltimore farm system ranked in the bottom third of MLB. Elias, who was previously in charge of scouting with the Houston Astros, knew that there was a lot of work to be done and he has already begun to make his mark. In just one full season Elias has stockpiled not only international talent, but also been able to use analytics to further develop the prospects already in the O’s system. This has led many baseball experts to now rank the Orioles near the top ten in farm systems. 

While some of the young stars in the O’s system are not quite ready to make their Baltimore debut, they have been tearing up the minor leagues. In particular the Orioles have a young core of pitchers who have been making a big impact as of late. These include Grayson Rodriguez, Baltimore’s 2018 first round pick, DL Hall (2017 first round pick), Michael Baumann, Zac Lowther, and Keegan Akin. They also have 2019 MLB Rookie of the Year finalist John Means who is already cemented in the big league rotation. Baumann and Akin are the oldest of this group of minor leaguers at 24, while Rodriguez is the youngest at 20. 

On the offensive side Baltimore has some star studded players on the way as well. This group is highlighted by the 2019 number one overall draft pick Adley Rustchman. Rustchman, a catcher out of Oregon State University, has quite the impressive pedigree. He won the College World Series in 2018, the Golden Spikes Award (best amatur baseball player) in 2019, and numerous college baseball player of the year awards in 2019. The switch hitter shows not only impressive power, but also can hit for average. He will soon be the face of the franchise within the next few years. Orioles fans have already gotten their first taste of watching him play in their jersey at spring training this year. 

They have also gotten to see young prospects such as outfielder Yusniel Diaz, the top prospect in the Machado trade, infielder Ryan Mountcastle, and center fielder Austin Hays make impressive plays in spring training. Both Mouncastle, 23, and Hays, 24, are making strong cases to be on the Opening Day roster. 

The other players on the major league roster this year additionally will be interesting to watch. They are all attempting to prove to Elias and the Orioles that they deserve to be on the team when the O’s are in contention again. Players who stood out last year such as second baseman Hanser Alberto and designated hitter Renato Nunez will have to replicate that success in order to be a part of the team’s future.

St. Mary’s Tennis Takes Flight

Written by Devin Garner.

Coming off a rocky 2019 campaign, the St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) men’s and women’s tennis teams are looking to build off of last season’s performance. As of Friday, March 6, the men’s team is 1-1 in the spring season while the women’s team is 0-2. The Seahawks are led by head coach, Greg Shedd.

The men’s squad is welcoming aboard two freshmen while the women’s team is welcoming three new freshmen. When talking to Sam Sheats (‘22) about his goal for the Men’s team this season, he stated, “The men’s team is looking to improve our record from last year and put forth some good performances and see how we progress as a unit.” Sheats continued, “We ended the season in good form so we want to continue that into this season, much like we did in the fall this year.” 

Hallie Hershey (‘22) had similar remarks when talking about the goal of the Women’s team this season as she states, “With three new freshman faces on the team, we hope to bolster the lower lineup, all spots competing at a high level and obviously hoping to get more wins.” She went on to say, “Building off from last year, we are just hoping to hone in and refine on the skills we have been working on. It was important for us to create a better team mentality and mindset for winning because last year we struggled with numbers and having a good chance to win.”

While the team has high aspirations for the season, both Sheats and Hershey have their own personal goals for success as well. After coming off of an injury, Sheats states his goal by saying “I want to just get match tough again and battle and help the team win matches. Over 6 months without a competitive match for me due to injury made me hungry to compete again.” Hershey stated that her personal goal for the season is to “work on [her] doubles skills. Being partnered with my cousin Alden Grosh is new and exciting, so I am hoping to not weigh the team down.”

Though the spring season is still young and there are many matches to still be played, both Sheats and Hershey already have great memories from the season thus far. Sheats stated that his best memory from the season is the men’s team’s victory over the University of Lynchburg. Sheats remarked, “The best memory so far this season has been beating Lynchburg, sweeping doubles, and avenging our 7-2 loss last year with a 7-2 win this year.” 

Hershey’s best memory this season has been off the court. She stated, “My personal favorite moment, was the first match bus ride. Traveling with the team always fosters good bonding and fun with the team. Even if they do not entirely vibe with my ‘Frozen’ soundtrack hype music.” 

While the team is continuing to develop, they are led by Greg Shedd. According to SMCMathletics, Shedd has been the head coach at Chopticon high school, the Chelsea Academy and SMCM. He brings in years of experience and will be sure to have the Seahawks prepared for the season. Both Sheats and Hershey showed their confidence in the coaching staff. Sheats asserted, “The coaching staff has been a tremendous help to all of us. Coach Shedd, Coach Jake, the athletic trainers help us so much with match preparation and recovery, putting us in position to succeed. We just have to deliver.” Similarly, Hershey remarked, “The coaching staff is extremely important because they not only create a stronger commitment and passion to the sport, but also a powerful team bond. Greg Shedd supports a light hearted but hard working mentality, which I believe the whole team appreciates.”

The team returns home on Friday, April 3 to face off against York College with the contest beginning at 3:30 p.m.. Make sure to go out and support the Seahawks as they embark into another season.

St. Mary’s to Add Track Program

Written by Tyler Wilson.

On February 1, according to insideSMCM, St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Board of Trustees signed off on a proposal that would allow for the development and implementation of a track program. According to insideSMCM this summer the track will be resurfaced, athletic director Scott Devine mentioned the hiring of a coach “this coming fall,” and according to Tom Fisher, the director of the athletics and recreation center, there is a strong possibility that the program will be implemented as early as the 2020-2021 school year. A major factor in the implementation of these renovations was the $400,000 donation by Trustee member William Seale. The renovations to the track surface were necessary to be compliant with NCAA regulations, so Seale’s gift is a major reason why the program will be able to hit the ground running. 

This proposal was a recommendation from the SMCM Board of Trustees Task are two task forces and this was a recommendation from “task force two,” which has a goal of adding “extracurricular activities, whether it be sports or clubs, to implement to try to drive enrollment increases.” Fisher noted that there were many reasons for the new team, one of which being to expand enrollment, another being to improve diversity because of the populations that would be recruited in “the inner city Baltimore, D.C. area,”and also the goal of “enhancing the cross country program as well,” because members of the cross country team would be able to do track in the winter and spring, instead of having no formal team to be a part of in the winter and spring. Furthermore, the addition of a track team will increase the scope of recruiting for the cross country team, meaning that cross country does not have to look strictly for cross country runners, but can also look for track athletes who could potentially contribute a lot to the program. 

In terms of the coaching situation, Fisher stressed that they will look to hire a coach that has both track and field experience. The hiring of this new coach will make it so that the head cross country coach and assistant ARC director, Ryan Scanlon, will serve as the assistant track coach, and whoever is hired to be the track coach will be the assistant coach for the cross country team. Fisher talked about how Scanlon and whoever the new track coach will be will have a close relationship, and will be helping each other not just in coaching, but also in recruiting. This means that the position of assistant arc director will be vacant. Fisher explained that “we’re going to explore other options to fill that vacancy.” Fisher mentioned that there are various different ways of structuring the cross country and track programs at others schools such as Salisbury and Christopher Newport, with Salisbury having one coach for both cross country and track but various assistants, and Christopher Newport having track coaches, a director of track and field and a seperate cross country coach. Only time will tell how SMCM’s structure of both programs will work, but it does appear like the structure is set up in a way as to put the track and cross country programs at an equal level of importance.

There has been much optimism around the addition of the track program, with Devine calling it “an exciting time for Seahawks athletics’”, and President Jordan saying that this is “a perfect time” to initiate the program. It is time to spike up, because the track program is up and running.

Women’s Lacrosse Honors Jamie L. Roberts with “Play Like Jamie” Game

Written by Andrew Atkins.

On Feb. 26 the St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) women’s lacrosse team held their annual “Play Like Jamie” game against The Catholic University of America. Jamie Roberts was a student and standout three sport athlete at SMCM, graduating in 2011. She then went on to work at Catholic as an assistant coach for three seasons. In 2014, she was tragically killed while riding her bike across America in order to support the Ulman Cancer Fund. The new stadium complex at SMCM was named after her and officially opened this past fall, according to 

In order to support the Seahawks, the majority of fellow student athletes were in attendance at the game, all wearing orange “Play Like Jamie” shirts. Catholic however started the game off hot, as they jumped out to a 1-0 lead just over two minutes into the game. The Seahawks were able to respond with a goal by sophomore attacker Kelly Emge to even the score at one. Later in the first half, Catholic and SMCM rattled off three combined goals in just about two minutes of play. While the first one was scored by Catholic, Emge scored the second of these three for the Seahawks. Senior attacker Kate Bartholomew then gave the Seahawks their first lead of the game, making it 3-2. However, SMCM then yielded two late goals in the first half and Catholic entered halftime with a one goal lead, according to 

Catholic extended their lead to two goals, as they scored the first goal of the second half. The Seahawks then responded in a big way with back to back goals by Bartholomew and sophomore attacker Lucy Gussio. This tied the game up at five apiece. Catholic once again broke the tie with a score and ultimately would go on to win the match by a score of 8-6. Junior goalkeeper Aimee Uibel led SMCM on defense with 11 saves, according to 

Aside from the tough loss to Catholic, SMCM has been playing extraordinarily well in the early part of their season. As of March 6, the Catholic game marked their only loss on the year. They began the season with three straight wins against Meredith College, Randolph-Macon College and McDaniel College. They additionally had a huge win against the Dickinson College Red Devils on Feb. 29. 

The game against Dickinson took place at the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame, located in Sparks, MD. This match was so highly contested that it took two overtime periods to separate the two squads. In the end, Bartholomew netted the game winner with just over four minutes left in the overtime frame. Considering the Seahawks were down 6-4 at the half, this was a thrilling comeback win for them. Emge and Gussio eached tallied two goals in the win, while sophomore midfielder Jayne Barkman added a goal of her own in the effort. Bartholomew also led the team with three assists and Uibel collected 15 saves in net to help secure the victory, according to

Seahawk Baseball Team has High Hopes Heading into Season

Coming off a 8-25-2 2019 campaign, The St. Mary’s College of Maryland Baseball team hopes to build off of last season and put together a winning season. According to SMCMathletics, the team is welcoming in seven new freshmen. The ballclub is led by fourth year head coach, Bernie Stratchko. 

One member of the team who has been a key player for the ballclub is Andy Collins (‘21). The junior from Arlington, Virginia is slated to play a key role for the Seahawks this season. Last season, Collins posted a .263 batting average in 80 at bats. 

When asking Collins what the outlook for the season is, he stated “Overall the team is looking pretty solid for this upcoming season. I believe we have improved in all aspects of our game and we are really excited to see the results of all our hard work during the off-season.” While stating that the team has improved greatly off the off-season, he explained that he still recognizes what the team still needs to build off of from last season. Collins stated “We are definitely looking to continue our offensive success from last season. We have a lot of returners from last year who are very experienced at the collegiate level.” He went on to say “We have a few key players that suffered injuries that limited their play last year and having them back will be a huge addition. There were a couple series last season, Frostburg State and Salisbury mainly, where we really showed that we could compete with any team when we played our game. If we play like that the whole season we should be successful.”

One player who the ballclub is welcoming aboard for the upcoming season is James Becker (‘23). The outfielder from Hagerstown, Maryland is looking forward to his first year on the ballclub. When asking Becker what brought him to St. Mary’s he stated “The school provided excellent academic opportunities for my career path and the drive to bring home the school’s first conference championship.” Becker went on to mention his aspirations for the season, remarking “My personal aspirations are to do my job to the best of my ability and contribute to helping the team win.”

This season the team is hoping to have the chance at a title in the Capital Athletic Conference (CAC). CAC play begins on Saturday, March 28 when the team faces off against York College at their home field. While the conference schedule is strong, the team still has confidence in their ability to compete. Collins argues “We want to win. It’s a long season, about 40 games, before the CAC playoffs begin. We want to build our momentum as the season goes on so that we can make a deep run through the playoffs and take home the championship. We’re going to take it one game at a time and take care of business each day. This team is like a family and we’re all dedicated to doing whatever it takes to win.” Becker echoed the same sentiment of confidence when asked about the outlook of the team for the upcoming season as he stated the goal is to “compete at a higher level than ever before here at St. Mary’s.” 

Collins reassured his faith in the coaching staff and their ability to guide the team to a successful season as he stated “Coach Stratchko is going to put us in the best situation to win every game. He’s coming into his fourth season as our head coach and he expects a lot from this team. Coach Willard and Coach Covey will be huge assets for us this season. All three coaches have been a driving force for this team and have shown complete dedication to this program.”

The team returns home to face off against Hampden-Sydney on Saturday, February 29 in a double header with the first game beginning at 11 a.m. Come out and support the Seahawks as they look to embark on a season full of successes and milestones.

Seahawk Lacrosse Season is Underway

The St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) men’s lacrosse team got their season going with a roaring start. In their opening match of the 2020 season, the Seahawks took down visiting Randolph College by a score of 22-1 (Feb. 8). 

While it took SMCM six minutes to find the back of the net, once they did they never really looked back. The first period was the most dominant for the Seahawks, as junior Dominic Venanzi, junior Ben Claffee, and sophomore Jude Brown each scored twice in the frame. Sophomore Abe Hubbard also was able to net his own goal in the first quarter, giving the Seahawks a 7-0 advantage. Although SMCM yielded a goal to Randolph in the second quarter, they were still able to score five of their own. These came off of the sticks of Claffee, junior Jeremiah Clemmer (2), senior Erich Wuesthoff, and sophomore Jack Brocato. 

SMCM finished the second half of the game with six goals in the third quarter and four goals in the fourth quarter. Two of these goals came from Claffee, who finished the day with a team best five goals on five shots. Senior Jack Conway also had a strong second half, notching three goals of his own. Brown ended up leading the team in points, gathering two goals and six assists. In total, the Seahawks finished the day by pounding the Randolph net with 49. They added on to this with 38 ground balls and 17 faceoffs won. Sophomore Kyrle Preis played the whole game in goal, stopping 10 out of the 11  shots he faced, according to 

The second game of the young season for the Seahawks took place at the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame in Sparks, MD. This Feb. 15 match was against the No.19 Dickinson College Red Devils. Dickinson jumped out to an early 2-0 lead, which eventually turned into a 4-2 lead by the end of the first quarter. The Red Devils came out hot in the second quarter by quickly scoring two more goals, giving themselves a 6-2 lead. However, the Seahawks answered back with three straight goals, two of them from Venanzi, to bring the score to within one. However, SMCM failed to score at all in the third quarter and Dickinson was able to score six goals of their own. This gave the Red Devils an insurmountable lead, as they cruised to a 15-8 victory. Both Venanzi and Brocato tied for the team lead in goals on the day with two apiece. Venanzi also led the team with three assists in the game. As a team, the Seahawks combined for 23 shots, 27 ground balls, and27 turnovers, according to 

SMCM is coming off of a 2019 campaign where they went 10-8 overall and 3-3 in the Capital Athletic Conference (CAC). They experienced a CAC tournament first round exit after a heartbreaking 12-10 loss to Frostburg State University. This had been their best season in terms of wins since the 2013 season, so the Seahawks are certainly looking to maintain this recent success. They have 14 games remaining this season to make that happen.