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Author: tmschafer

Tackling 'Bad Words, Bad Language, and Bullying on Campus'

DISCLAIMER: Explicit or triggering language is used in this article. Slut. Faggot. Whore. Cunt. “That’s gay.” “You’re so retarded.” If these words don’t make you feel uncomfortable, why not? It’s not a criticizing question, it’s just part of a profound realization that our society has become so desensitized to words Read More

Renovations to The Pub and Upper Deck Nearly Complete

After the recent transition into the new food services operation on campus, renovations in the Upper Deck area of the Campus Center and The Pub on North Campus are nearly complete. Changes to the food services on campus began on Aug. 29, which included extended hours in the Great Room Read More

Food Review: Teariffic

By Simone Levine Hidden behind Thai Inter and squashed next to Famous Footwear, Teariffic, a restaurant with self-described “authentic and healthy Chinese food,” was crowded but not bursting at 6:00 on the Friday night when I visited, with the overall volume kept down to a comforting, dull roar. The restaurant Read More