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Author: skenglish

Riedel Talks Foreign Policy

Last Thursday, April 1 at 6:00 p.m., St. Mary’s students and staff gathered in St. Mary’s Hall to listen to a lecture given by Bruce Riedel, an expert on political transition and counter terrorism and the former policy adviser to Barack Obama during his presidential campaign. The lecture was sponsored Read More

2009 Annual Cardboard Boat Race Makes a Splash

Hundreds of spectators lined the banks of the St. Mary’s River to watch the sixteenth annual Cardboard Boat Race last Saturday as part of the College’s 2009 Family Weekend.

The Cardboard Boat Race consisted of twenty teams, many composed of both faculty members and students. Leanne Gradijan, a first-year student at St. Mary’s and a race participant, said that each team was required to follow a specific set of rules governing boat construction.