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Author: pfsparklin

TPN Special Investigation: Gendered Wage Gap at College

In an investigation into the issue of a gendered wage gap among tenure track faculty at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, the data show that by itself there is a significant difference in salaries for males and females. When statistically factoring in other variables, such as differences in base salaries for different departments and years of service to St. Mary’s, gender does not have a significant effect on salary above and beyond these other factors. However, gender is correlated with the departments that make less on average and to years of service. The departments that on average make less are more likely to have more women in them, and women are less likely to have more years of service teaching.

Students Vote in Favor of Raising Student Fees

Voting on the issue of raising student fees ended on Saturday, April 23 at midnight with a total of 33.3 percent of the student body voting on the referendum and 78 percent of the votes in support of the referendum to raise student fees, according to an email sent out by sophomore Joshua Santangelo, Student Government Association (SGA) Parliamentarian. Student fees will be raised $25 per student, per year in order to fund the SGA’s general operating budget which goes towards funding clubs and SGA sponsored events like on-campus films and World Carnival. This fee raise will go into effect in the fall semester of 2012.

Journalist Gwen Ifill Talks Politics During Ben Bradlee Lecture

On Thursday April 14 in Auerbach Auditorium journalist Gwen Ifill spoke to a standing room only audience about her experiences in journalism, the present state of politics and media, as well as their potential future. Ifill was introduced by Todd Eberly, Interim Director of the Center for the Study of Democracy, and began her lecture by speaking about her background in journalism and her current position on The PBS Newshour.

Patricia Hill Collins: “Push Back on Behalf of Those Not in Power”

Patricia Hill Collins, a well known social theorist and author, spoke Friday April 16 in Cole Cinema on her life’s work and the her perspective on issues like social justice, education and the effect of the intersection of race, class, gender, sexuality and nation on society. The event was sponsored by Feminists United for Sexual Equality (FUSE) and the title of Hill Collins’ lecture was Cultivating a Sociological Imagination for our Time.

Panels Look Forty Years Ahead, Forty Back

One of the opening events for President Joseph Urgo’s presidential inauguration was an academic symposium that began the afternoon of Mar. 25 in St. Mary’s Hall. This article covers the first two panels of the symposium; the keynote address by Dr. Eduardo Ochoa, Assistant Secretary for Post-secondary Education, is covered separately.