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Author: mkroot2

Sexpert: Final Tips for the Semester

Dear Miss Meghan, Any tips for getting through the end of the semester stress? -Finally Dear Finally, I think the biggest mistake I see students make is not taking care of themselves. Understandably, when we are stressed out and busy the first things to get cut are eating well, exercise, Read More

Ask Miss Meghan: Recovering from Love

Dear Miss Meghan,   My girlfriend ended our relationship after 3 years a few months ago. I am ready to move on, but am not sure what the next steps are. Help. -Recoveringfromlove   Dear Recovering, I read somewhere that it takes half the time you were in a relationship Read More

Miss Meghan: SexFest!

Dear Miss Meghan, What is this ‘SexFest’ event I keep hearing about? -SchoolIsCool-   Dear SchoolIsCool, First of all, I appreciate you taking the time to be a fictional person asking a question I made up just so I could write about and self-promote SexFest. Thanks. The short answer to Read More