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Author: Margaret Warnick

Netflix Series “The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann” Sparks Controversy

  On March 15, Netflix released another series for fans of true crime: “The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann.” Beginning with a request for any information about Madeleine’s disappearance and a number to call, the eight part docu-series centered around a three year old British girl who famously went missing from a Read More

Club Spotlight: SMUT

The Ultimate Frisbee team is a long-standing tradition at St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM), and is one of the many club sports which is open for anyone to join. The St. Mary’s Ultimate Team (SMUT) practices throughout the fall and spring semesters, and competes in various local tournaments and Read More

Top 10 Hallway Smells at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, The National Public Honors College

     1.Cookies Someone made cookies! You probably won’t get one but the smell is the next best thing. Dryer sheets Strangely comforting. Axe body spray Overpowering but masculine with a hint of chauvinism. Fear Most powerful during finals. Pee (masked by Febreze) Disappointing, but at least they tried. Incense? Read More