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Author: memcandrews

Adler, Hovland, Williams Bring Global Climate Change Issues to Light

Greenhouse gases, CO2 emissions and global warming are common words in today’s vocabulary. On September 14 in Schaefer Hall, Dr. Charles Adler of the Physic Department, Dr. Bill Williams of the Biology Department and Dr. Al Hovland of the Chemistry Department gave a panel discussion on those very topics. The talk was split into three sections, with each professor having their own section concerning the energy crisis. The panel was concluded with questions from the audience.

Alezandra Russell Spreads Awareness About Boys In Thai Sex Industry

Thailand is labelled as the sex capital of the world. It is the place to go and get cheap sex. However, it’s not just girls that are targeted by the industry; boys are as well. That is why Alezandra Russell started Urban Light in Thailand two years ago to offer a support system to teenage boys who are forced into prostitution. She spoke on Septemeber 20 in Library 321 about her journey with these boys.