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Repurposed Land to Improve Pollution Control

October 19, 2010 kmhenry 0

Some of you may have seen what appears to be the mulched pond outside of the Campus Center and wondered what exactly it was, or what purpose it was serving. And now, there is an explanation: it’s a rain garden.

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Arcade Fire’s Third Album Lives Up to Expectations

October 9, 2010 kmhenry 0

Arcade Fire never fails to disappoint, and their third album The Suburbs is no exception. The seven-piece band, hailing from Montreal, has created an indie folk album that not only makes a statement, but also tells an incredible story.

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September 22, 2010 kmhenry 0

In an attempt to more efficiently organize Alumni Relations while providing more comfortable accommodations for alumni returning to campus, renovations began over the summer on the Rectory, the center for returning alumni on campus.