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Author: jtaylor

Aasif Mandvi By Arminata Plater

Actor, author, and humorist Aasif Mandvi will deliver the 9th Annual Twain Lecture on American Humor and Culture on Friday, April twenty fourth, at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. The lecture, entitled “An Evening with Aasif Mandvi,” will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Michael P. O’Brien Athletics and Recreation Read More

Whistleblower Policy Gains Attention

“Our office became increasingly aware of a lack of awareness;” said Director of Human Resources Catherine Pratson about the college’s whistleblower policies. In 2003, the State of Maryland passed the whistleblower protection act. This legislation, according to the state’s official informational brochure, protects state employees’ ability to reveal information “that Read More

Ask a Therapist

The staff members at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) have reported an increase in students presenting to Chance Hall with what have been described as symptoms of “extreme narcissism.”  After questioning students, the CAPS staff members have traced the cause of this outbreak to students staring at their own reflection in Read More

Ask a Therapist: Test Anxiety

You walk into the room for your test.  You feel focused and ready to take on the challenge. You sit down and notice your attention is starting to jump around.  You feel your heart rate increase and your breathing feels a bit forced.  As you start to work you realize Read More

The Lime Lounge

There are three popular liquor stores within a convenient driving distance of St. Mary’s Campus. St. James is the closest, followed by Cooks on Route 5. Twist is about ten minutes away, located on the left when going north on Three Notch Road. I’ve been going to Twist for a Read More

Ask a Therapist

Breathe… We hear so much about Mindfulness and breathing these days; the chatter is becoming mainstream.  And yet, what is it exactly?  Why is it supposedly so important?  And what does it really have to do with mental health? It’s simple, really. Let’s take a look at Mindful meditation – what Read More