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Author: jmhaydel

Art and Politics Work Together to Bring Awareness to Displacement

In a Middle Eastern refåugee camp, a young girl plays with her friends among the piles of rock and debris littering the ground. A world away in New Jersey, a State Highway worker helps drag a cracked and dusty cement road barrier to the side of the road. What do Read More

Benefit Raises Awareness

The red cloth banner draped over the entrance table was riddled with the names of people who cared; people who cared to help spread awareness about a growing epidemic: AIDS. On December 1, AIDS Day 2008 was acknowledged worldwide, and St. Mary’s took part by throwing a benefit concert in Read More

Underwire ‘Zine Gives Gender Issues a Lift

Junior Sarah Eargle is passionate about women’s issues.  The head of Feminists for United Sexual Equality (FUSE), Eargle has directed her passion into single-handedly bringing back a project that had long been discarded: Underwire. Underwire is a zine that was started to bring issues of women, gender, and sexuality to Read More