Sean Tallarico Resigns

March 6, 2014 easchroeder 0

On Feb. 24, Sean Tallarico resigned from his position as Director of Public Safety. Sean Tallarico came on as Director of Public Safety in Feb. of 2013, serving the St. […]

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Fall Sports Wrap Up

November 3, 2013 easchroeder 0

On Oct. 19, the Men’s Cross Country ended their season by placing second out of 9 at the Hood Invitational. Throughout the season the Men’s Cross Country team placed second […]

Why Men Should Join F.U.S.E.

October 5, 2013 easchroeder 0

F.U.S.E.: Feminists United for Sexual Equality. Even the name deters women from joining because of pre-conceived notions of what feminists are. Sadly, this applies doubly to men. This disturbing trend […]