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Author: caselle

St. Mary's Forbes Rating Improves

When yearly college rankings were revealed, St. Mary’s was picked again as one of the nation’s top public schools. The College is ranked as one of the top five public liberal arts colleges in the nation by the U.S. News and World Report and moved up four spaces to 88 out of the country’s 100 top liberal arts colleges.

Gender-Neutral Housing Passes SGA, Seen Favorably by Students

On Tuesday, April 20, the Student Government Association passed legislation stating that, “The SGA supports the adoption of a gender-neutral housing policy on North Campus Housing (Lewis Quad, Waring Commons, North and South Crescents and the Greens) that students may opt into if they so choose.” The legislation, which was Read More

Gender-Neutral Housing a Campus Possibility

The College is taking the first steps towards implementing a new housing policy which would allow students of different genders to room together throughout North Campus. SGA Secretary and junior Marlena Weiss will introduce the gender-neutral housing legislation to the SGA on April 15, and is using the issue as Read More