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Author: awalls

College Plans Several Renovations, Projects for Summer 2011

As the semester is coming to a close and students plan their summers, the Office of Planning and Facilities are making plans for their own projects. According to Chip Jackson, associate vice president of planning and facilities, it is going to be a busy summer. The major project planned for this summer will be Margaret Brent Hall. After several years of talks and excavations, Margaret Brent will be moved from its present location behind Anne Arundel Hall to the parking lot next to the Campus Center.

Speaker Discusses Situation in Afghanistan

This past Wednesday, Malalai Joya, former member of the Afghani Parliament and an accomplished writer and activist, came to the College to give a talk about the current situation in Afghanistan. Also the author of Woman Among Warlords: The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice, Joya was expelled from the Afghani Parliament after she denounced members of the assembly for being “warlords and drug smugglers.”

Professor Panel Discusses Status of War

As part of the political science department’s ongoing lecture series, a panel made up SMCM’s very own political science professors Susan Grogan and Todd Eberly discuss what it means to be at war. They said that in recent years, there has been a widening “disconnect” between what war is and is not. The U.S. Constitution, Article 1 Section 8, gives the power to declare war to Congress. However, the United States Congress has not declared war since World War II.

St. Mary’s Alumni Return to Serve Advancement Office

The recent staff changes in the Advancement Office have brought new faces and fresh ideas to the forefront within this important part of college administration. The reorganization spearheaded by the new Vice President for Advancement Maureen Silva has lead to the recent hiring of many new staff members but the most noticeable change has been the number of alumni who now work in the office.