St Mary’s Programs Board “Clash Of Classes”

Written By: Zayon Morgan

In the midst of this ongoing pandemic, a majority of the festivities that played a part in having the college experience have been stripped away from students because of COVID-19 regulations. HawktoberFest, Sporting Events, live concerts, and several other events have been canceled. However, the St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) Programs Board put together a new event that was enjoyed by many. It was called the “Clash of Classes.” As a newly created event, “The Clash of Classes” gave students a fun, little competition between their different classes. Similar to a high school spirit week,  The Clash of Classes had various activities where students would participate in these events and earn points for their graduating class while having a good time. It was the seniors versus freshman while the sophomores and juniors battled it out for the gold.

The madness started on Oct. 12, at 8:00 p.m. with a class battle in the infamous game of Kahoot! Or as they described it, “An online trivia experience to win points for your class and even a Fire tablet.” On the first day, students had to play a game of “What’s in the jar?” Where they had to guess the number of KitKats in a jar without going over. The winner got 100 points for their team and enjoyed an entire jar of chocolate, all to themselves.  Day two rolled around, and another game of “What’s in the jar?” was played. It was the same game with the same point value but there was no chocolate, only gummies. Still a good bargain if you ask me.

After a couple of events, the standings stood as followed. The freshman won the Kahoot and the jar event and led the pack with 238 followed by sophomores with 63, juniors with 52, and seniors with 34. At this point, it was very clear who was dominating but hope was not lost. “Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors Want to make up the difference? There’s still plenty of time.” The fun was not over yet as the next event proved to be very well-rounded. On Wednesday, Oct. 14,  a human hamster ball race was held at the Admissions field. Competitors from each class completed an obstacle course while running in a giant hamster ball. Who knew that with such skill and agility that one could conquer any obstacle, even while trapped in an inflatable ball.

Also on Oct. 14 was the third “What’s in the Jar” guessing game. In this round, a jar full of Skittles was guessing material. In addition to various events and guessing games, each class was represented by the different colors of St. Mary’s. Seniors had navy blue, juniors wore white, sophomores rocked yellow and the Freshman got red. I do wonder how red got in there though, very mysterious. On Day four of Clash of Classes, a fourth game of “What’s in the jar” was played with Starbursts, saving the best for last. It was also on this day where the current standings were updated. The freshman remained in the lead with 438 points followed by Seniors with 184, Juniors 127, and Sophomores 88.

The final event commenced on Oct. 15 with a game of, “What the duck?” Near the campus patio, a flock of rubber ducks sat patiently waiting for someone to claim them. Each duck had a point value that ranged from +100 to -100. All students had to do was pick up a duck, and earn points for their class. At the end of the week, another opportunity to earn more points was given to the classes with a photo scavenger hunt. In the end, the freshman class took the win with over 700 points, followed by the seniors, juniors and sophomores. It was a really fun event and the hope is that this becomes a yearly tradition for the students of SMCM.

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