Halloween and The Second Wave of the Coronavirus: Are We Taking Our Safety Seriously?

Written By: Maeve Ballantine

When COVID-19 first became prevalent throughout the country, concerned people did all they could to keep themselves and others safe, whether this was wearing a mask, staying home during quarantine or engaging in social distancing. However, as we move further into the pandemic, it appears that people are beginning to grow careless with their safety.

Over the summer and early fall, countries all over the world saw a decrease in cases thanks to the diligence of people dedicating themselves to safety and the hardworking people who serve as researchers healthcare providers. These brave and dedicated men, women, and non-non-binary people gave countless hours to providing care to those who were sick and studying the virus to try and find a possible vaccine. While there were people who chose not to wear masks, a great majority of people did. However, as we move further into fall, there have been an increased number of cases of the virus. According to the New York Times, the percentage of positive tests in the city were around 0.9% in early September, however that quickly raised to 1.75% by mid October. Government officials are beginning to return to stricter regulations. Here in Maryland, Governor Hogan just restricted travel to any state with a positivity rate of over 10%.

One of the unfortunate parts of being in the middle of a pandemic is being unable to attend social events and connect with our friends and loved ones. However, sacrifices must be made to keep people safe. One of the events that was unfortunately sacrificed for safety were Halloween parties. Holding such parties put people at risk for spreading the virus or even getting sick and weakening the body’s response to infections. However, it appears that over Halloween weekend, there were people who felt that this was not needed. While there were people who practiced safe Halloween celebrations, such as socially distant trick-or-treating, there were still people who went to parties and were downright careless with their safety.

 Even if people were wearing masks, there were still parties that were held in places where the maximum capacity was exceeded. This kind of behavior is not only irresponsible with one’s own health and safety but the health and safety of others as well. Wearing a mask may keep you from spreading any possible germs, it won’t keep you personally safe from anything airborne around you. Masks are smart but not 100% safe, as is the case with most health equipment. This is why social distancing is important along with wearing a mask. It is both a mask and social distance, not either/or. 

Yes, this pandemic has been difficult and everyone misses the times that were spent being close to people and being able to gather in large groups, especially for fun and festive times such as Halloween. However, cases of COVID-19 are beginning to rise and will continue to do so if people continue to be careless.

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