Fleetwood Mac Tops The Music Charts Again After 43 Years

Written By: Kristina Norgard

A TikTok video from a user named Nathan Apodaca from Idaho (also known by the username @420doggface208) posted on Sept. 25 shows Apodaca cruising down the side of the road on his skateboard carefreely drinking straight from a large bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry juice while singing along to the iconic Fleetwood Mac track, “Dreams.” The video instantly went viral and is currently sitting at 66.8 million views and 11.1 million likes. The virality of the video caused others to imitate the video and create their own by grabbing their skateboard and juice while drifting along to the song. This included celebrities like celebrity chef  Gordon Ramsey, singer Shakira, T.V. personality Dr. Phil, fashion influencer Kiel James Patrick, comedy duo Cheech and Chong, as well as the CEO of Ocean Spray, Tom Hayes, and Fleetwood Mac current and former members Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham

Undoubtedly because of the nature of the popularity of the video and subsequent TikTok trend, it caused the track “Dreams” and its album, “Rumors” to soar on the 2020 music charts 43 years after its debut. Rolling Stone published on Oct. 14 that it currently sat on their chart at number two right behind Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” and that, “Since September 26th, “Dreams” has garnered over 1 million streams a day, including a three-day run — Oct.8 through Oct.10 — where the track was streamed over 2 million times a day. By comparison, the track usually averaged a half-million streams prior to the viral TikTok video.” 

NME reported that “Sales of the song also increased 184% in the first three days of the original video being posted, and streaming numbers saw a 242 per cent increase in first-time listeners of the song.” Which means that most likely, first time listeners are going to be new generations of Fleetwood Mac fans. 

Billboard announced that, “Fleetwood Mac’s former No. 1 single “Dreams” re-enters the Billboard Hot 100 [dated Oct. 17]at No. 21, landing on the chart for the first time since its original 1977 run.” and “In the tracking week ending Oct. 8, “Dreams” garnered its best-ever weekly U.S. streams and download sales totals: 13.4 million streams (up 54%) and 22,000 downloads sold (up 197%), according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data.” They also noted the history of the original virality of the song, “Dreams,” which the group’s Stevie Nicks solely wrote, debuted on the Hot 100 dated April 16, 1977, and spent a week at No. 1 (June 18).” Tracy Smith interviewed Nicks in an episode CBS This Morning on Oct. 25 where Nicks said: “This TikTok thing has, kind of, blown my mind and I’m happy about it because it seems to have made so many people happy.” During uncertain and heartbreaking times, this heartwarming and relaxing trend has certainly brought joy to lots of people. Through this, we are reminded of how music can bring people together even when we have to keep apart to stay safe. Whether it is an old favorite you play to remember better times or it is a newfound song to you to play while creating happy memories, “Dreams” is undoubtedly the kind of track with the capability to do just that.

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