Election Thoughts: Are We There Yet?

Written By: Dylan Parham

Vote 2020

I want this to be over! This election cycle has felt as if it has been going on for years, and the pandemic has not made it feel any quicker. COVID-19 and the subsequent quarantine and lockdowns have caused time to lose all meaning. This election cycle has been rough, and we always knew it would be rough, but this is ridiculous. With each month that passed, the only thing we could do was hold our breath and see what came next. 

These last weeks have been a prime example of this. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, opening a seat in the Supreme Court to fill, and then the President got COVID. The Presidential debate was a dumpster fire, to quote almost every news publication, and QAnon conspiracies are now a campaign talking point. With only days to go until Election Day, anything can happen. According to USAToday, “Election experts worry a prolonged outcome this year could set the stage for greater controversy – potentially attempts by candidates to invalidate the results.” That would mean this cycle could be messier and longer than usual. The finish line will not be Nov 3; it may be days or weeks past that. Many voters are already worried that their vote will not count or have lost hope in our electoral process; that scares me. 

It might be selfish to want this process to be over as soon as possible, but election fatigue is real. I am emotionally and mentally drained from this process, and I am not alone. A Pew Research Center survey conducted in June 2016 found that “Nearly 6-in-10 Americans were worn out by the amount of election coverage.” In 2019 they did the same study and found that 66 percent of Americans had voter fatigue and were worn out by the news. However, what happens after the election will truly test our country and our democracy. We may be tired from this process, the Presidential candidates we have on the ballot may not be our ideal candidate, and you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we must have some trust in this process because when we don’t have some level of faith, we lose control of this fundamental right. 

These past years, rampant voter suppression has limited the vote of many people groups, mainly to Black and Brown people. When you see this, it can be discouraging; it discourages me.  

However, we must persist to ensure that everyone, no matter their political leaning, has their constitutional right to vote. I am exhausted, I want this process to be over and done, so I can think about my future and how it fits in with this election results. But not at the cost of losing sight of what truly matters, and what matters is that every American has their vote counted and voice heard; that you and I can have a direct impact on our future. So yes, I am exhausted, but I will still fight for what is right and just. To not lose sight of the finish line and the results that come at the end of it.

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