Ariana Grande Drops a Surprise Album

Written By: Eleanor Pratt 

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 26: Ariana Grande performs onstage during the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

With two albums in the past two years, Ariana Grande is no stranger to releasing music in quick succession. However, she still managed to surprise the world when it was announced that she would release her sixth album titled “Positions” on Friday, Oct. 30. The singer tweeted on Oct. 14  “i can’t wait to give u my album this month,” promptly sending fans into a tailspin of excitement and disbelief. 

The album did not disappoint fans or critics. Social media exploded with people discussing how mature and sexual Grande’s new album was. NPR’s Latasha Harris calls “Positions” Grande’s “most explicit to date”, noting that it certainly has a much more mature sound with some surprisingly distinct R&B themes running throughout the album. 

In regards to the sound of “Position,” Grande utilizes her amazing vocals constantly. The track “My Hair” showcases her incredible vocal range, with The Los Angeles Times comparing her whistle tones in the song to Mariah Carey. “Positions,” the first single of the album, has already had extensive radio play.

“Positions” definitely does not hold back in regards to sex. In fact, Grande makes it clear she has been enjoying the intimacy and privacy quarantine has provided quite a lot. References to this can be found in songs like “West Side” where the singer quips “We got all we need right here.” 

Most of the songs, while extremely sexual, revolve around a monogamous relationship and the fun a couple is having together. For instance, in “Six Thirty” Grande describes home as a place for her and her significant other to relax and play video games until 2 a.m. 

This album is not for the singer’s younger fans at all. Each song is more mature than the last both in regards to content and language, with nine of the 14 tracks being marked as explicit. In a more humorous turn, the album even features some fun and very suggestive titles such as “34+35.” 

There are several collaborations between Grande and other artists on the album. “Motive,” the third song on “Positions,” features the first collaboration between Doja Cat and Grande. The song “off the table,” which details a couple debating whether to become serious in their relationship, features The Weeknd. For the seventh track of the album Grande recruits Ty Dolla $ign, who proudly described their song together as “a melodic and amazing tune” in a recent  interview. 

Grande’s “Positions” is one of her best albums yet. She seems to have found her true sound after several years of being stuck in the bubblegum pop genre. Not only does she let her amazing voice reach new heights, but she allowed herself to experiment with new sounds and artists, which resulted in a fun and sultry album that can not easily be forgotten.

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