The Best and Spookiest Halloween 2020 Costume Ideas

Written By: Eleanor Pratt

Halloween is just around the corner, and the clock is ticking to find a costume that will wow everyone. Whether you want a costume that will make people die of fright or one that will make people die of laughter, there are plenty of options to choose from. Even though parties and trick-or-treating are completely out of the question this year, dressing up with a few friends can make things feel a little more normal and can help lift some spirits.

There are so many costume ideas you can pull from pop culture to make a great costume. In the early days of quarantine, “Tiger King” was the show everyone was talking about. The perfect Joe Exotic costume includes a flashy button up shirt, some well-worn jeans, and cowboy boots. To complete the look, you can find a mullet wig and a fake mustache on Amazon or at Spirit Halloween. If Joe is not your cup of tea, his nemesis Carol Baskin would also be a great and easy costume idea. All you need to do is find clothes with any type of tiger stripe print on them and then add a flower crown.

For another fun and easy costume idea, look no further than pop sensation Harry Styles. The singer’s fascination with genderfluid fashion makes this a great costume option for everyone. For a simple, diy Harry Styles costume, all you need are some high-waisted pants, a bright-colored blouse, and suspenders. For accessories, add his signature pearl necklace, pastel painted nails, and as many rings as you can find.

2020 was the first year in a while with almost zero superhero movies in theaters. However, DC’s “Birds of Prey” managed to avoid any COVID-19 complications due to being released in February. Harley Quinn’s outrageous fashion in the movie is a great choice to try and copy for Halloween. To transform into Quinn, you will need jean shorts, suspenders, a pink crop top, and — if you are willing to get crafty– a clear jacket with glued-on rainbow tassels.

If that colorful ensemble does not quite speak to you, another DC superhero may be the right choice for you. Robert Pattinson’s version of Batman will not be seen on the big screen until 2021, but the movie trailer gives us a great idea of what this new Batman will look like. Batman costumes are sold all over the internet for various prices and after you have the outfit, all that is needed is to apply black eyeshadow around your eyes for that perfect angsty superhero look.

A classic costume with a twist may be the best bet for you if pop-culture phenomenon or superheroes might not be your cup of tea. You can never go wrong with a good vampire costume. First, buy some fangs and fake blood at your local Spirit Halloween store. Next, decide what decade you are going to be from. You could be a vampire lost in the 80’s, with shoulder pads, huge hair, and blue eye-shadow or maybe one from the Roaring 20’s in full flapper garb and a feather boa. The possibilities are endless and a lot of fun to think about.

Even though it may feel like Halloween is another thing on a long list that COVID-19 has ruined, the holiday can still be fun. Dressing up with a small group of friends and watching horror movies can be just as enjoyable as going to parties and is much safer.

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