How to Have a Safe and Spooky Halloween

Written By: Lily Tender

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With the beginning of October comes the commencement of pumpkin decorations, fall scented candles and the rush to find the perfect Halloween costume. But this year things are looking a little different. With COVID-19 still dominating the country, it is time to rethink Halloween plans to create the safest and spookiest Halloween that you can have amidst a pandemic. The CDC has already released recommendations for the major fall holidays including Halloween, Día de Los Muertos and Thanksgiving. The CDC mentions that there are many things that can create a risk for Halloween festivities. If your community has a high number of cases they recommend avoiding any Halloween gatherings. They also say to be careful of how many people are present, how long the event lasts, the location of the event and the behaviors of attendees prior to and during the event. And while most St. Mary’s students regularly spend their Halloween dancing on the greens, that is not a realistic option for Halloween this year. Instead, try to hang out in small pods of ten people or less. Party outside, six feet apart, and wear your masks. This may seem impossible to do during Halloween and still have fun, but there are so many ways to keep Halloween safe and fun this year. Here are some tips for keeping Halloween spooky and safe during 2020:

  1. Incorporate your mask into your Halloween costume. You can be a cowboy and wear a mask underneath your bandana. You can be any animal, like a cat for instance, and buy yourself or DIY a cute cat nose face mask! You can be characters from the hit game “Among us,” with all your friends picking a color to dress as with a face mask and hat! There are so many different ways to include face masks into costumes. Show off your creative side!
  2. You can have a Halloween movie marathon with your closest friends, in person, or on a streaming website. Not everybody likes horror movies and that is okay. Instead, you and your friends can watch classic Halloween movies like “Ghost Busters” or “Hocus Pocus.” If you are feeling extra spooky, throw on some classic horror movies like “Scream” or “The Shining.” 
  3. Bake some Halloween themed treats with a friend. You can try decorating some Halloween themed cupcakes, or making some ghost cookies! Either way, Halloween is never complete without some treats!
  4. Do a spooky self-care night. Nothing is scarier than not having some time to relax after a stressful week. Give yourself a pumpkin-themed face mask, paint your nails black and orange, read your favorite Stephen King novel, watch your favorite Halloween movie and eat your favorite Halloween candy. You deserve a night off!
  5. Have a dance party! Get a few of your closest friends and throw together a Halloween playlist! Sing along, dance, and have fun with your friends. Do not forget to include “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and “Monster Mash” by Bobby Pickett at this fun event. 

With Halloween and other fall holidays right around the corner, it may be disheartening that you cannot celebrate in your usual fashion. But this year, Halloween can still be as fun as ever. The Maryland state health department said that “Marylanders can participate in outdoor celebrations, but they should do so while adhering to the public health guidance of wearing a face mask, practicing social distance, and avoiding large crowds.” As long as you follow these simple COVID-19 safety protocols, Halloween will be spooky and safe.

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