Why I’m Settling for Biden

By Lily Tender

As I scroll through my Instagram or Facebook feed, the hot topic on my timeline is, you guessed it, voting. With the 2020 presidential election right around the corner, many of my peers and I will be voting for President for the first time. 

When I was a kid, overhearing NPR playing in the car and my dad’s various rants about George Bush, I always knew one thing: I was a democrat. I did not really understand what it meant but I knew that as a four-year-old, I didn’t like George Bush at all. As I got older, I developed my own political beliefs that were stronger than some blind hatred for George Bush. I am still only a college student, and while I have some beliefs that are set in stone, a lot of my beliefs are molding as I work to become more educated and informed about the modern-day political scene. 

I want to start off by saying that I know that a lot of people are not voting during this election, and while I disagree with this action, I cannot tell people who, like me, would be choosing the “lesser of two evils,” that they have to vote for a candidate that has been accused of sexual misconduct, who has actively participated in crime bills that disproportionately affected BIPOC, and more. 

I understand that by no means is Joe Biden a perfect candidate. In fact, in the world of politics, I do not think anyone should be quick to use the word perfect. But when deciding who to vote for during this election, I have just one motivating thought: Trump cannot be president again. With the world entering its sixth month of COVID-19, the United States’ cases have skyrocketed and the United States now has the most cases globally. It is hard to ignore the fact that during this deadly pandemic Donald Trump has completely downgraded the virus, abstained from mask-wearing and held rallies inside where masks were not required. 

Donald Trump even tweeted on July 8, 2020: “In Germany, Denmark, Norway,  Sweden and many other countries, SCHOOLS ARE OPEN WITH NO PROBLEMS. The Dems think it would be bad for them politically if U.S. schools open before the November Election, but is important for the children & families. May cut off funding if not open!” It is important to note that when combining every COVID-19 case that Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden has ever had you get 413,000 cases total for all four countries. The United States has had 6.2 million cases total and still sits around 270,000 cases a day. 

Besides the statistics or your beliefs about reopening, Donald Trump has threatened to cut off public funding for schools if they do not reopen, despite the CDC’s recommendations. I strongly believe that we need a federal response to COVID-19 in which  we set a federal quarantine and federal laws for the mask-wearing and more. It is clear to me that Donald Trump will not provide that kind of response, which is just one of the reasons it is extremely important to get Trump out of office. 

Even if you ignore Trump’s relaxed approach to this global pandemic, there are many other reasons why I cannot simply throw out a democratic vote. We cannot overlook Trump’s comments and actions toward the current Black Lives Matter protests. He has deployed troops and fully armed police into peaceful protests, and called those protesting BLM thugs and dangerous. He has been accused of sexual misconduct over 30 times and supported serial pedophile and rapist Jeffrey Epstein. Trump has separated babies and children from their families at the border, where they have been kept in inhumane conditions. 

It feels bizarre to only name these truly horrific things in a single sentence separated by a comma. But simply stated, the list of reasons why we need to vote Trump out of office is far too long. There are countless more examples of why Trump can no longer be the president that I have refrained from mentioning so this article is not a four-page article about my dislike for Donald Trump. It is an uncomfortable decision to make, but a vote for Joe Biden is the right one. It can help steer us away from Trump’s America, which is imperative now more than ever.

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