Written By: Maggie Warnick

SKY Campus Happiness is a wellness program featuring yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and more that is designed to help members of a campus community feel and be their best. Now, the program is at St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM). According to their website, 58 campuses have implemented such programs, with over 100 thousand students reached. Their mission is “To be an ecosystem for total wellbeing for every college campus in the U.S.” Research has been done on the effectiveness of the SKY program by institutions including Harvard and Yale.

James Carter (‘22), leader of SKY@SMCM stated that SKY “brings evidence-based breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, group interaction and leadership trainings to empower people to connect with the world and their inner self” and “looks to bring people of different communities, backgrounds and grades together as one. They can also enable people to serve others via service projects and leadership training.” Noticing that students at St. Mary’s seemed stressed and run-down by the pressures of school, Carter decided to begin a SKY program on campus. Carter testified that he “personally felt a big change in my life from SKY, so I felt that it would be something amazing that others can experience as well.” 

Events on campus include breath, mediation, and yoga workshops, a Happiness Retreat and yoga sessions on Facebook live that Carter, a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, will be leading. Students can also expect dance parties, game nights, singing sessions and other get-togethers that according to Carter will “allow people to empower themselves, connect with their inner nature of peace, and create a beautiful community where a person can prosper physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.” Carter hopes to let anyone interested in joining know “That it is a beautiful club with beautiful people that hopes to bring a smile on every face. That we will not just be meditating and doing yoga but connecting with each other on a social level so we create a sense of belongingness within the community and the group.” He continues by stating that “we hope to bring peace, joy and fulfillment into other people’s lives through breathwork, the loving community of SKY, meditation and yoga.” Meditations are held every Monday at 5:00 p.m., and information about the SKY and its events at St. Mary’s, as well as information about how to be a SKY leader can be found by contacting For more information about SKY as an organization, visit

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