Predictions By: Maeve Ballantine

Aries-You may be feeling on top of the world due to good fortune. Revel in the good things life has given you, but do not take them for granted

Taurus-Life in quarantine may prove to be uncertain and stressful for you. Remember to take things one step at a time and turn to those you can trust for help.

Gemini- As summer changes to fall, so are new changes on the horizon for you. Embrace them and see where life may take you. 

Cancer-With a new school year comes new stresses. Plan out your schedule with plenty of time for work and relaxation.

Leo-The world around you is affected by your choices. Consider carefully what you plan to do moving forward and how it may affect the people around you.

Virgo-Life may be feeling a tad too fast paced for you these days. Take some time to disconnect and calm yourself.

Libra-You may have been feeling extra productive lately, but are also subject to burnout. Take it easy every now and then and remember that you’re only human.

Scorpio-Flashy advertisements may be taking their hold on you. Remember what is important, both for your sense of self and financial stability.

Sagittarius-You may be feeling a welcome yet unfamiliar sense of ease now that you are among loved ones. There is no need to question whether you deserve to feel loved, because you do.

Capricorn-With all the talk of new and improved, you may be having a difficult time remembering who you truly are under all the societal pressures. Take a moment to get to know yourself again and remember how wonderful you are.

Aquarius-Time may feel like it is moving too slow for you. Remember that once a moment is past, it is gone forever. Hold onto each passing day.

Pisces-Someone may turn to you for advice in the near future. Remember to keep a level head and understand what is important when you give it.

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