Artist Feature: Erin Moran ’20 Creates Art through Graphic Design

Written By: Olivia Sothoron

Erin Moran (‘20) is completing her major in art and a minor in anthropology. She has worked to focus her coursework on graphic design specifically within the fine arts field. Throughout her time at the college, she has created various artworks for the College, including creating the cover of the Fall 2020 edition of “The Mulberry Tree” and designing a t-shirt which is sold in the Campus Store. 

Moran came to St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) after completing her associate’s degree in fine arts with a concentration in graphic design. While she was enrolled in community college, she gained valuable experience with graphic design. She explained:  “A lot of my community college classes were digital media courses. I did a small internship with my community colleges athletic department where I was able to practice and learn new software.” This internship allowed Moran to gain experience working with various software programs and further developed her skills as a graphic designer. 

Although the SMCM Art Department does offer a few courses in digital media, many of Moran’s experiences come from her work around campus, creating digital art to promote the College. For the past year, she has worked as an intern in the Office of Integrated Marketing under Keely Houk (‘17) and has produced various publications used by the College’s social media sites as well as around campus. Moran stated that she found this position with Houk through a recommendation by one of her professors. She remarked, “Keely is the most amazing mentor and has taught me so much!”

Many artists have a creative process for producing their art, and Moran’s process is to sit down at a computer and jump right into the designing process. Her experience with various softwares allows her to have a firm understanding of which programs work best for certain artworks, and she is able to produce wonderfully crafted pieces through graphic design. In regards to her design process, Moran mentioned: “I skip right to the computer to sketch my designs. I think about what I want to do and just go for it.”

One of Moran’s more recent designs is featured as the cover of the Fall 2020 edition of the College’s alumni magazine, “The Mulberry Tree.” Moran brainstormed a cover page that demonstrates the various contributions and efforts of members of the SMCM community during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the main focuses of the cover is the impact of technology, which is something that has been able to keep people together during this uncertain time. Moran stated: “I brainstormed how COVID-19 has impacted my life and the lives of my fellow students. Technology has been a huge part of everyone’s lives and although we are all distant, the technology brings us together.”

After graduating from SMCM, Moran plans to pursue a career in graphic design at the professional level. She emphasized her willingness to work hard to achieve this goal. In addition, the best advice she has to give to others wishing to pursue a career in graphic design is “to never give up and to really pay attention to typography. Typography is everything.” 

Moran’s artwork can be seen around campus–including in the Campus Store on a t-shirt–on the College’s social media sites and in the Fall 2020 “Mulberry Tree” which was released on Friday, Sept. 18.

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