You Will Be Missed, St. Mary’s Day

Written by Maeve Ballentine.

Tuesday, March 10 was set to be a day of speeches and important events for students. Most importantly, students were scheduled to miss class. This special event was St. Mary’s Day, a time of growth and learning among students, or more appropriately a time of unofficial learning when they had the day off from classes. Unfortunately, the world can be callous and cruel to those who least deserve it. A few days before St. Mary’s Day, the school decided it would be best to put an end to the event before it had even begun, robbing the students of their desired day off.

The students were absolutely devastated when they learned that St. Mary’s Day had been cancelled. Despair and sadness ran rampant throughout the school on March 10, as it was now just a regular Tuesday. However, we must never forget that important thing that it means. It signifies the unity of a student body who is gathering for something that was set up by the school because you have nothing better to do. The students have to listen to someone talk for an hour about something they barely understand. It almost brings a tear to one’s eye to think about such a beautiful event that has been so cruelly ripped away from us. 

Even though we will likely never experience another St. Mary’s Day again, at least until the administration schedules another one, we must never forget the impact that it had on us as a student body. As the students gather to mourn the loss of this truly amazing event, we must remember how quickly events can be cancelled and never take them for granted. Perhaps this way we can see that every day is St. Mary’s Day in our hearts. A day on St. Mary’s campus is a day to remember because it is a St. Mary’s Day to all of us. Whether we are going to class or just choosing to lay in bed all day, the impact of such an important day will be carried with us for the rest of our lives. We must always carry the values of St. Mary’s Day with us and remember the brave event planners who had to put this together only to cancel it later on. 

The event was cancelled for the safety of the students, making St. Mary’s Day and those responsible for planning it, heroes, as they sacrificed their own schedule just to make sure that students were safe. Every year on March 10, take a break from what you are doing and have a moment of silence for the lost event and never forget the wonderful day that it would have been. As the school year draws to a close, we remember the importance of such a day to the students and we must never forget what St. Mary’s Day means to all of us. It means…um…something important.

Disclaimer: This article was published as a part of our April Fools Edition.

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