The SMCM Class of 2022 Performs Musical Rendition of “Call Me by Your Name”

Written by Kristina Norgard.

The Class of 2022, currently sophomores at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, as a whole put together a massive cast for a musical rendition of the 2017 film and 2007 book, “Call Me By Your Name.” “The film was widely popular and inspired the entire class to get together and put their whole heart and soul into this production,” said a member of the class. “I would do anything for or in honor of Timothee Chalamet,” said an enamored sophomore. 

Of course, the Theatre, Film, and Media Studies (TFMS) Department students took the lead in terms of directing, organizing and planning the musical entirely. Music Department students composed and wrote entire lyrical numbers for the cast while also incorporating the original score of the film. Dance department students choreographed dances for just about every scene. Visual Art department students created spectacular and accurate to 1980’s Northern Italy setting backdrops and props with special help from History, Anthropology, and Museum Studies students. Students of the English Department worked for many days and nights to edit and piece together a quality script based on the original film which would be appropriate for the stage. But, the ensemble of actors, singers and dancers was made up of students of all majors, and even included athletes. Believe it or not, every single member of the class participated in making this production a great success. There were even two understudies each for the characters of Elio, Oliver, the Perlmans and Marzia. 

The musical ran for three weekends and was sold out each time. “I went every Saturday afternoon that they had it playing,” said an elderly member of the Leonardtown community who had nothing else to do. He claimed, “It awoke in me something that I had never felt before.” The first weekend alone brought the box office over two billion dollars, which was a pretty average income for fundraisers for both the class of 2022 and the College as well. The money will help go towards the events held at the end of this class’ senior year.

“I’m really impressed with these students,” remarked a sweaty professor outside of the theater, “The place was packed, I mean people were falling out of their chairs since everyone had to be seated two to a chair in there, it was such a high demand to see it.” The professor continued while wiping their forehead with a handkerchief, “it was just, wow. Really, really great to see those kids be so passionate about something other than the weekend. I am really glad they have finally found something else to do.” 

“The Point News” waited three long hours for comments from the actors who played the lead roles of Elio and Oliver to comment, but they were still in the theater picking up roses thrown at them by the crowd when the musical was finished. Our team of journalists finally had to pack up and go home because they could not physically stand to wait anymore (their legs were numb because the person sharing their chair sat on them during the whole musical). We did happen to receive a brief comment from the student who played Mr. Perlman. “It’s been a whirlwind of an experience,” he said breathlessly as other students, faculty and adoring fans tried to get photos with or autographs from him “I hope my dad is finally proud of me for something,” he continued, laughing nervously with a tear in his eye. 

“Call Me by Your Name, The Musical,” runs for one more weekend, so be sure to buy your tickets before they sell out!

Disclaimer: This article was published as a part of our April Fools Edition.

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