The Green Door Announces They Are Now The Yellow Door

Written by Kristina Norgard

The backbone of St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s bar life for students over 21 is a small bar called The Green Door, affectionately called “The Door” that sits on the dip in the road on route 5. It is a small pub that hosts students for an option for late night entertainment nearby campus. Some may consider it the eighth wonder of St. Mary’s. Recently, they have announced that they are changing their name from The Green Door to The Yellow Door. 

This confused many students, faculty, and members of the community? Why? What made this happen? Why the change after all this time? The Point News reached out for interviews with multiple people who had different relationships with the Door. 

“You know, at first I was like, why? But then I realized that I didn’t care that much, I mean it is just a color, you know? Half of the color green is yellow, we just got rid of the blue, man, so like isn’t that a good thing? The door is no longer depressed haha, I wish I could say the same…” said a senior at the college.

“Haha, you guys are doing an article about this? Wow, that is funny, man. Why did you think of coming to me? Oh, right haha we’re not going to talk about that on record, yeah.” stated a professor from the philosophy department. “Yeah it is definitely going to be an adjustment for sure, but hey I’m sure it will still stay the same old Door. Well, hey I’ll see you at six for “class” aha, yeah alright,”

“I am actually quite pressed about it.” stated one uptight junior. “I have multiple tee shirts and pint glasses that say “The Green Door” on them and now it is no longer the GREEN door. I mean, I even cried driving by the other day when I saw that they had gone the entire length of painting the place yellow. It’s really over, isn’t it? God, the days of The Green Door are over, good riddance I guess, I thought the color green wasn’t that bad.” Our staff writers made sure to leave her after our interview with a pack of tissues. They might have been yellow.

The outside of what used to be called The Green Door has now indeed been painted yellow and a new sign has been put up on top and on the door of the building. The inside has not changed except there is now new merchandise on the inside, pint and shot glasses, tee shirts, koozies, sunglasses, bottle openers, baseball hats, mugs, pens, stickers, you name it. Some students have speculated that the rebranding is a controversial gimmick to draw more customers into the bar since the appearance of more merchandise. 

The point News reached out to The Yellow Door but they declined to comment on the situation.

The class of 2020 is hosting a “Welcome Yellow Door, Goodbye Class of 2020” fundraiser night this Thursday night. The Door has agreed to bundle merch and beer for a 25% proceed to go to the class. The money goes towards the activities at the end of their senior year. Disclaimer: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John will be playing the entire night for a cheesy and not that great correlation for of-age students to sing along to while inebriated.

Disclaimer: This article was published as a part of our April Fools Edition.

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