Rowing Team Accidentally Rows All the Way to Antarctica

Written by Kristina Norgard

A freak accident occurred on the St. Mary’s River last weekend that had never happened before in St. Mary’s College of Maryland history. During an early morning practice, the seahawk DIII Rowing team accidentally rowed all the way to the continent of Antarctica. We reached out to a few members of the team to ask if they could comment on this awkward and odd experience they had. 

Emma McNesby ‘22, grappled to explain the incident noting the change in temperature and a possible reason why this could have happened, “We all started to get really cold but Coach just said it was free speed.”

Zoe Grabenstetter ‘20 recalled the moment where they knew and figured out that something was horrifyingly wrong but chose not to say anything, “I knew we weren’t in Maryland anymore when we stopped running into crab traps but no one said anything so I just kept going.”

Erin Lanham ‘22, shared her side of the story, explaining where the crux of the incident may have originated, “Ok, look. Yes, I steer the boat. Yes, I fell asleep halfway through the row. Yes, when I woke up we were in Antarctica. But it’s not my fault Coach makes us wake up at 5:00 in the morning!”

It seems that the bystander effect might have gotten the best of the team when confusion ensued since no one really had any clear direction or sense of what to do. The leadership of the team may be in extreme question and consequently also the liability of the college at this current point in time for their precious student-athletes, especially for a team “off-campus trip” to happen so spontaneously. But, The Point News is more than happy to report that the endurance and stamina of the team seem to be better than any other previous season ever recorded in Seahawk history. 

After realizing that there were a few penguins who hid as cargo on the way, they left three of them in Florida. They then found another one hidden in the back of a boat that one of the student-athletes had tried to keep as a pet in North Carolina respectively, but they had to leave the penguin there where they could find new lives on the beaches. The team returned back to campus faster than they got to Antarctica surprisingly. The athletic trainer met them on the docks to check out the athletes and see if they had any signs of hypothermia or over-exhaustion. Thanks to global warming, there were no signs of hypothermia. In fact, luckily only one of the team members was hurt or injured in any way. One of the penguins had slapped them silly and ultimately unconscious with their flippers. 

The rowing team coach even considered giving them a day off after the incident, but then decided not to instead. The team continues to wake up early and work hard as dedicated student-athletes on the beautiful river they get to call home. The Point News wishes the rowing team athletes and coaches the best of luck this season and for them to continue working hard, but guys, not that hard. 

Disclaimer: This article was published as a part of our April Fools Edition.

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