North Woods to Form Commune

Written by Kristina Norgard.

The students of St. Mary’s College of Maryland are known to be adventurous, outdoorsy, progressive, and willing to take some risks every now and then. Because we are a campus that boasts an impressive riverfront with surrounding wooded areas that are begging to be explored, The North Woods behind the upperclassmen housing of Waring Commons, has become a popular place to “explore.” 

Between and after class “adventures” have become more and more frequent for a fellow group of students. A few weeks ago, the Woods only had an abandoned lifeguard chair, a table, and a few other unmentionable items scattered around. Today, there are more than just the tents they started living in out there – they have built a few brick houses and even a hairdresser and a bakery that has brought some serious competition to Enzo’s in Historic St. Mary’s City.

We interviewed a member from the junior class (‘21) who said that their “escapades” have become so frequent that they have now “dropped their housing and meal plans after building a small village between sociology and painting classes.” This group of students has now reached a headcount of more than 25 and has simply started calling themselves “The North Woods Commune.” 

Some fellow members of the senior class (‘20) have been concerned about the members of the senior class who spearheaded the idea of the commune, noting that it could possibly be a coping mechanism for not wanting to graduate and leave the river. (The wellness center has walk-in hours as well as the career center, because seniors, we care about you). We interviewed a senior resident who lives on the greens, “My roommate moved out two weeks ago and she hasn’t been back since. I went and visited her a couple of days ago and she insisted that she wasn’t going to return back to Homer anytime soon. She said that the woods were her home now and nothing could tear her apart from the fresh air, her sourdough starter, and her twenty-two plants growing out of recycled ceramic mugs.” 

Some public safety employees have been concerned about the student’s wellbeing and have been seen pacing outside the treeline of the woods, but not walking actually inside. We reached out to public safety for a comment on this, but they declined to respond. 

A few professors have been rumored to also be spotted after class in the new commune. There have been mixed reactions from faculty across the board as to what the students have started doing (according to a poll sent out to every member of the SMCM community for a psychology SMP). Overall, as a result of the poll, students and faculty have reached a 65.8% approval rating for the commune so far. The biggest complaint from the 34.2% was the “pungent” smell that now lingers from the north end of campus. 

If you or someone you know from the St. Mary’s community has any thoughts about the new commune, feel free to reach out to the paper and let us know how you feel.

Disclaimer: This article was published as a part of our April Fools Edition.

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