New Track Team Canceled, $2.4 Million Statue to be Built

Written by Andrew Atkins.

Back in February, the Board of Trustees at St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) approved the funding for both a men’s and women’s varsity track and field program. The track at Jamie L. Roberts Stadium was set to have renovations done this upcoming summer in order to meet NCAA standards, and the two new programs were set to begin competition in the Fall of 2021. A track and field team had naturally seemed like the next sport to be added at SMCM, due to the recent construction of Jamie L. Roberts Stadium. On top of that, it would help to diversify the Seahawk Athletic department even furthur. The college and many students were excited for the addition of a new athletic program, as well as upgrades to the track. The new programs also would have helped to increase enrollment at SMCM by roughly twenty to forty students per year. These athletes would have probably never considered SMCM if there had not been a track team, according to 

However, there have been some recent, and very rapid, developments with this new track and field program. While the college was all set to add them back in February, they have since had second thoughts. In early March, SMCM tweeted that they were postponing their search for a head coach of the program. This sparked some speculation among current students and alumni as to what the set back could be. Then on March 30, the college announced that they have decided not to go through with the addition of these two new programs. A tweet from SMCM read “We are sorry to announce that we have to postpone the addition of the new track and field program at St. Mary’s. Construction will proceed as scheduled on the track.”

There has been no time table set for when the track and field program may be added to the school. Since the school is going through with the upgrades to the track, there is some room for hope that the program will one day be created. 

In yet another strange twist, on March 31 SMCM announced that they will be using the money originally intended to fund the track team to help build a brand new, state of the art statue. SMCM has partnered with the state of Maryland in order to split the cost of this $2.4 million work of art. While several locations are still being discussed, the statue will most likely be placed either on site at the new academic building or on top of the hill overlooking the St. Mary’s River. World renowned sculptor Damian Ortega has been rumored as the assigned artist of the statue. The college and the state of Maryland have confirmed that the statue will be of the Arc and the Dove boats that originally brought English settlers to St. Mary’s. The statue will also be mainly made out of solid gold. SMCM is very excited at the opportunity to add a piece of wonderful artwork as well as give a nod to the past. 

Disclaimer: This article was published as a part of our April Fools Edition.

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