Joe Biden to Hold Presidential Rally at Nearby Solomons Island Venue

Written by Devin Garner.

Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 election Joe Biden will be holding a rally at a local venue in Solomons Island, Maryland. Biden will introduce his vice presidential running mate and will further unfold his platform for his campaign.

When the news came out that Biden would be holding a rally in Solomons, constituents from around the Southern Maryland region were stunned. One Biden supporter stated, “I am shocked that he will be coming down here to this area. While I am surprised, I am very proud that we will be able to show off this beautiful town that Southern Maryland has to offer to such a great presidential candidate.” 

In Biden’s press release about holding a rally in Southern Maryland, he argued, “It is important that all my supporters across all regions are aware of my goals as president. I want to reach every supporter across the country. I am going to represent all people.” As he continued, Biden remarked on the beauty of the region and his admiration for the great state of Maryland, explicitly mentioning St. Mary’s county.

When explicitly talking of St. Mary’s county, Biden mentioned St. Mary’s College of Maryland. He acknowledged the prestige of the college and stated the possibility of visiting after his rally. He stated, “I have been made aware of the National Public Honors College here in Southern Maryland. Many have told me that this college is a hidden gem. I hope to take a walk through campus and shake many of the students’ hands across campus.”

Upon hearing this news, the college’s twitter account reached out to Biden’s campaign and stated that they would love to have him on campus. The college tweeted, “We would love to have you @JoeBiden, please provide contact information so that we can arrange for you to come to campus.”

When many of the students across campus heard the possibility of Biden coming to campus, they were shocked. One student said, “This is unbelievable. The possibility of the future president of the United States coming to campus is absolutely incredible.” One student even remarked on a rumor that they had heard, “I heard Biden will be coming to many lectures across campus and will discuss his political experiences.” This will provide a great opportunity for students and will allow them to build a further connection with him.

Until the visit is officially announced to the college, students are still questioning the possibility of whether or not Biden will actually visit the campus. One student remarked, “This is an exciting possibility but I doubt it will actually happen.”

Biden will be holding his rally on April 1 at the Calvert Marine Museum stage. The Calvert County police are preparing for a big crowd for the event. After, Biden will visit a local pub–the Green Door– and have dinner with Maryland government officials. Biden remarked, “I am thrilled by this opportunity and cannot wait to see all of you Marylanders come out and support me. We are going to win this election.”

Disclaimer: This article was published as a part of our April Fools Edition.

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