An Interview With The Troll That Lives Under The St. John’s Pond Bridge

Written by Kristina Norgard.

Everyone knows the bridge that sits on the side of Route 5 and connects St. John’s Pond to the St. Mary’s River, you know where students can creatively arrange rocks during low tide to a message or phrase or quirky image? Well, no one has ever actually stopped to ask how the troll who lives under that bridge is doing so The Point News stepped in and decided to ask them for an exclusive interview. 

It was a dreary Thursday afternoon, absolutely pouring rain, you couldn’t even see what was five feet ahead of you when we arrived under the bridge. Our galoshes and raincoats were soaked through to the bone but the kind troll let us in under their bridge. She introduced herself as Katharine and said that she had been a resident underneath the St. John’s Bridge for the past 75 years. We were super shocked that it had been that long and immediately wondered if she had any good or crazy stories of the students who had conquered this campus. She said that she had “seen a lot, and sometimes there were things she wished she hadn’t seen, but there were so many good memories of the students that made it all worth it.” 

Katharine showed us around the bridge and told us about how she would “put good luck on students who needed it for passing their classes or tests anytime they walked by the bridge.” She also hinted that she would “put bad luck on students and professors that were especially rude to their peers and colleagues behind their back” when she would overhear them. The Point News would like to make this their official warning to the students and faculty about this new finding on campus. 

Being constantly close to campus, Katharine has seen a lot in not only her life but in her time being a resident under this bridge. She has seen the “aftermaths of many greens parties, failed tests, sunsets, prospective students on tours, sailing and rowing regattas, sunrises, graduations, high and low tides, some crying here and there, and in general the life cycle of the growth and progression of the students who come and go from this institution.” As she expects that she is soon to be nearing the end of her life, she expressed how “grateful she was to be able to watch from afar generations of students learn more than just in the classroom but also in life as well.” 

Katharine is a loving and underappreciated member of this community, and many students have felt the need for her to have more of a presence on campus. Art in Montgomery Hall has been dedicated to her, as well as a shrine in Kent Hall. Some students who have recently found out about this troll (We’re looking at you, class of 2023!) have thought that maybe, just maybe, we should add Katharine, the troll who lives under the St. John’s pond bridge to one of the wonders of St. Mary’s. The controversy here has been if we should either knock off one of the Seven Wonders and replace it with Katharine or if we should have it become the eighth wonder of St. Mary’s. If you have any strong feelings about this, you can contact either the Point News or the class of 2023 representatives.

Disclaimer: This article was published as a part of our April Fools Edition.

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