After Only A Year of Use, Jamie L. Roberts Stadium to Be Bulldozed for Larger Arena

Written by Devin Garner.

In a shocking turn of events at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, college officials have announced that the Jamie L. Roberts Stadium will be bulldozed for a larger domed stadium at the end of the academic year. 

Many athletes are shocked by the news that was emailed to them on the morning of April 1. One athlete on the lacrosse team stated, “I am simply astonished by the news of the demolition of  ‘The Jamie.’ This stadium was incredible and I thought we would play here for years to come. I am very disappointed to hear the news but I am looking forward to the opportunity to play in a domed stadium for the first time in my career.” 

When contacting college officials to ask for a reason behind the shocking news, many members of the administration refused to comment. However, one member of the administration did express their anger with the news. She stated, “I am saddened that all the time and effort that went into this beautiful stadium will not mean anything.” She went on to say, “We need to focus more of our attention on improving other aspects around campus and less on demolishing a stadium that was beautiful and already loved by many.”

The Jamie L. Roberts Stadium had the intentions of improving enrollment as faculty envisioned that it would draw in many great athletes and would strengthen the Division III sports that take place at the college. While the stadium is one of the nicer stadiums in all of Division III sports, the college has something more in mind. Upon being contacted by another college official on the news she stated, “This new domed stadium has the intentions to allow St. Mary’s to compete at the Division I level. The new domed stadium will be for all athletes to use and will provide a great atmosphere for students to gain a sense of school spirit. We hope to join the Big 10 and compete with schools like the University of Maryland and Penn State.”

The new domed stadium will now be referred to as the Jamie L. Roberts Arena. The arena is intended to have a capacity of 19,000 fans, which is even bigger than the University of Maryland’s Xfinity Center. Not to mention, there are less than 2,000 students at St. Mary’s, so there will be plenty of space for family members, friends, random strangers on the streets, and pretty much anyone else. Not only will the arena house both outdoor and indoor sports but it will also host large lecture-sized classrooms. 

While the news is stunning to many, it is going to improve the overall student body involvement throughout campus. According to a college official, “this is going to be a great place for the college to come together as a community and support our student athletes.”

While the arena has great intentions, many students of the college fear the implications that the arena will have on the college. One student on campus said, “I fear that this arena will lead to the expansion of the college and cause it to lose that community feel. I came to St. Mary’s because I wanted a small campus with not many students. I fear this new arena will ruin that.”

Many students and faculty are now anxiously awaiting the demolition of the Jamie L. Roberts Stadium that will take place after the Spring 2020 semester. Some are outraged at the news while others are enthralled by the opportunity. Time will only tell what this news means for the future of the college.

Disclaimer: This article was published as a part of our April Fools Edition.

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