Your Bi-Weekly Horoscope

Predictions and Readings by Maeve Ballantine.

Aries-Someone near to you may be at risk of mental burnout. Ask if they are in need of care and affection and do your best to be their shoulder to cry on.

Taurus-You may be feeling stuck with daily routine and duties to attend to. Do something unexpected and surprise yourself with all life has to offer.

Gemini- Midterm exams are coming soon and this may have you feeling very stressed. Make an extra appointment with your therapist or have a chat with a loved one to keep your mental health in check. 

Cancer-Perhaps you have been feeling a great sense of calm and relaxation in the past few weeks. Do not keep this to yourself. Let others share in your sense of peace.

Leo-You may be facing stress due to financial problems. Seek out ways to be more frugal but don’t forget that personal worth is not tied to wealth.

Virgo-With warmer weather comes new beginnings. Look for a relationship with a friend or loved one that may have been damaged and find compromise, but not at the risk of personal health and safety.

Libra-Someone has been treating you poorly and this may make you feel less than adequate. Find your true friends and stay very close to them. Do not try to please those who do not see your value.

Scorpio-A new opportunity will be coming for you soon, but you must go out to meet it. Take the risk and make your move.

Sagittarius-With all the talk of new and improved, you may be having a difficult time remembering who you truly are under all the societal pressures. Take a moment to get to know yourself again and remember how wonderful you are.

Capricorn-Your anxiety may be telling you that you are forcing yourself into too many people’s lives and that you are a burden. Know that this is false and that you are loved and appreciated and that you make so many people happy.

Aquarius-Recent responsibilities have you feeling very important. Remember how you got to where you are today and remember to stay humble and appreciate those around you.

Pisces-You may feel like you are losing sight of what is important. Take a step back and appreciate the simple things that make you happy and make you feel the most like you.

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