SMCM Alumnus Runs for Baltimore City Mayor

Written by Truman Robinson.

Brandon Scott, a St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) alumnus is running for mayor in Baltimore City. Scott Graduated from SMCM in 2016 with his B.A. in Political Science. In 2011, Scott was elected to be on the Baltimore City Council, representing Baltimore City’s 2nd District. He is currently the youngest Baltimore City Council member at 27 years. In 2019, Scott was unanimously elected to be President of Baltimore City’s Council and has been serving since. During his time as Council President, he has fought for a higher living wage and police reformation as chair of the Public Safety Committee and a member of the Budget and Appropriations and Judiciary and Legislative Investigations committees. 

Scott announced in September 2019 that he was running for Mayor of Baltimore City. He is running on a liberal, grassroots platform. His main goals are to build upon the accomplishments that he and his team have made in the last nine years. Those being Open Data programs, Whistleblower Rights and introducing bills that close loopholes for lobbyists to give gifts to political campaigns. 

On his agenda, Scott is trying to pass Bill 19-0451, which would set in motion a crime reduction plan orchestrated in part by the major chiefs in fire control, law enforcement and states attorney office. On his campaign page,, he says that “The Baltimore Police Department cannot be expected to reduce crime alone. Every city agency has a role to play in addressing the disease of gun violence in our city.” 

Also on Scott’s agenda are plans to strengthen an already enacted Gun Offender Registry to protect against illegal uses of assault weaponry and lowering the number of guns sold to minors. On his campaign page, he notes that most illegal firearms are brought in illegally from across district lines. So by enacting plans to stop guns before they get into the city, Scott hopes to diminish unregistered gun violence. Along with this multifaceted plan, Scott also plans on strengthening a cross-agency response to violence and restricting “Tough On Crime” laws. With this agenda, Scott would open plans for rehabilitation and recovery for victims of gun violence. 

Scott’s campaign is also fighting for more money for public schools and youth athletic programs. Bill 19-0331 would cover the safety training and equipment for schools and athletic programs. The bill would require schools to enforce proper safety training and ensure that schools and sports organizations have proper funding and equipment for their students and athletes. 

The Baltimore Sun released new polls that show Brandon Scott polling in second place at 9%, behind former city mayor Sheila Dixon who is polling at 14%. However, Baltimore voters should not read too deeply into the polls, because they also show that 40% of voters are undecided. Baltimore residents will choose the Democratic mayoral nominee in April. Once nominated, the Democtratic mayoral candidate is expected to become mayor.

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