“Love Is Blind” Has Everyone Talking

Written by Vera Armstead.

Would you get engaged to someone you have never seen before after only 10 days of dating them between walls? The producers of the Netflix reality series “Love Is Blind” arranged an “experiment” to test if this was possible. 

During the experiment, multiple singles were secluded to a building for 10 days in order to date people from the opposite sex while only hearing their voice. At the end of those ten days, if they made a connection, they would get engaged and would be able to finally meet face to face. After this, they went on a romantic getaway to Cancun, Mexico which led them to move in together. At the end of the six weeks, they decided whether or not they wanted to mate for life at the altar. 

With hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey, the first season was filmed in 2018. Although it was shot nearly two years ago, the first few episodes were finally released on February 13. The episodes were released in phases to somewhat mirror the structure of other romantic reality TV shows such as “The Bachelor” and “Are You The One” with the 10 episodes stretched out over three weeks. 

“Love Is Blind” was rated as the number one watched show on Netflix for a period of time. The show has become so popular, that even “Saturday Night Live” has made a parody of it. The comedic actors poked fun at how the people seemed to rush into their love stories. One character said, “It’s only been five days, but I’ve found the love of my life.” The skit went on to compare the dating pods to quarantine chambers for the coronavirus. 

Although the premise of “Love Is Blind” is borderline outrageous and unrealistic, it has spurred real lifelong connections. Most of the cast members are still friends, having the common thread of their experience of being secluded in a building for 10 days without access to social media, television, or any contact to the outside world to engage in a love experiment.  

A part of the editing of “Love is Blind” that fell short was how most of the individuals who experienced the blind dating process failed to receive much screen time, if any at all. One person, Rory Newbrough, was only featured counseling Matt Barnett in his troubles with deciding who to propose to. His time dating in the pods was never shown on screen, despite him getting engaged to Danielle Drouin, who was given even less screen time. Cameron Reid, one of the main cast members, mentioned on an Instagram Live video that he wishes the final edit included everyone who was part of the experiment, because they were all part of the experience. 

Additionally, many viewers have taken to social media saying that although they enjoy the series, they wish they gave more screen time to people who were not conventionally attractive. @DaniGetCrunk on Twitter said, “If love is really blind then why aren’t there any fat people on the show.” Although there was a diverse group of people who initially participated in the experiment, the screen time was focused on the people who were thin, toned with muscle and beautiful based on society’s standards. It can be argued that focusing on these types of individuals almost goes against the premise that love is blind and should not be based on physical features. 

Surprisingly, two of the couples that said “I do” during the finale are still together almost two years later. This definitely supports the producers’ hypothesis that love is blind! I anxiously awaited the results of the six couples’ wedding days. I cannot help it; I am a sucker for romance, no matter how dumb it seems. Although there has not been an official statement saying that Netflix will produce a second season of “Love Is Blind,” I am sure it will be announced soon because of its major success.

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