The Kansas City Chiefs Take Home The Hardware For The First Time In 50 Years

The Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious on Sunday, Jan. 2 after facing off with the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV. In a tightly contested game, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid guided his team to a final score of 31-20 to beat the number-one seed of the National Football Conference. 

Both teams involved in the contest had not won a superbowl in the 21st century. They both had something to prove as they wanted to bring a championship back to their cities which had both long awaited a championship parade. 

The Chiefs relied on young phenom quarterback Patrick Mahomes to guide them to their first championship in fifty years. According to ESPN, Mahomes finished the game completing 26-42 passes and throwing for 286 passing yards along with two interceptions. As a result of leading the Chiefs to a late victory, Mahomes was named Super Bowl LIV Most Valuable Player. 

Though Mahomes scuffled a bit in the early going of the game, he was able to turn on the turbo in the fourth quarter to salvage the Chiefs a championship. In an interview with Dan Graziano of ESPN, Mahomes stated: “The third quarter didn’t go the way I wanted it to…I tried to force some things and got some turnovers. But the guys believed in me and gave me confidence to try and find my way at the end.” A belief in one another is something that the Chiefs shared in common that allowed them to have so much success this season. Head coach Andy Reid stated in an interview with Graziano on Mahomes: “[Mahomes] kept firing, that’s what he did…the guys around him just believed in him. We all did, all the coaches likewise.”

Another player who came up clutch for the Super Bowl champions is running back, Damien Williams. According to ESPN, Williams rushed for 104 yards and two touchdowns. Williams was an undrafted player out of Oklahoma University. In an interview with Adam Teicher of ESPN, Williams spoke on his path from being undrafted free agent to a Super Bowl champion, stating, “Being able to go to a place like [Kansas City], it’s crazy. It doesn’t feel real yet. When you get into the league, you think about the Super Bowl, you think about what you would do in it, and for it to be where I started my career at undrafted, it means a lot.”

One of the most deserving members of this championship squad is head coach, Andy Reid. Reid has been coaching in the league for 21 years for both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. Reid had the most wins by a National Football League head coach without a Super Bowl win before last night’s championship win over the 49ers. In an interview with Ian O’Connor of ESPN, Mahomes remarks on Reid: “He’s one of the best coaches of all time…He’s someone that works harder than anyone I have ever known, and he deserves it.”

The Kansas City Chiefs are a team that are going to be in contention for years to come under the leadership of Reid and Mahomes. They  will be sure to be back on the big stage within no time. Their championship parade was hosted on Wednesday Feb. 5 in Kansas City. This parade means so much to the city that they have cancelled school on Wednesday and referred to it as a “Red Snow Day” so that fans of all ages can attend the parade and celebrate a long awaited championship.

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