“Sex Education” Reveals Even Raunchier Side In Season 2

Season two of the teenage comedy “Sex Education” continues bringing awkward chuckles to the mouths of its viewers. Following in the footsteps of raunchy shows such as “Big Mouth,” this season may be one of the most ambitious young-adult themed projects Netflix has. Please note, this review has spoilers for “Sex Education” season 1.

The second season of “Sex Education” picks up where the first one ends. Otis and the new girl at school, Ola, are figuring out their own sexuality through their budding relationship. His best friend Eric contemplates his feelings for Adam, the headmaster’s son who got sent off to military school, while a new French boy catches his attention as well. 

At the end of season one, the feminist book-reading Maeve, who is still not over her crush on Otis, got kicked out of their school. With her gone, Otis has sworn off acting as a therapist for their underground sex clinic that they ran together. This does not last long because there is a proclaimed chlamydia outbreak amongst his classmates and they are all berating him for advice. Even Lily, a character with a minor role in the first season who likes drawing tentacle erotica, grows into a major role as she forms a friendship with Ola. 

The first few minutes of the new season are a bit jolting to say the least. It is definitely the most awkward and sexual scene that the series has shown, but somehow it was crafted in an artsy and entertaining way. I will not spoil the content of the scene, but I recommend not watching this first episode with parents. 

Even with the inclusion of the awkward sexual scenes, the show is highly enjoyable. The editing is wonderful and seamless. The scenes are all the perfect length, and there are a wide array of characters that the show moves between through each episode. Watching “Sex Education” is enthralling. The bright colors of the costume choices and the hyperpigmented scenery provides a loud tone of the series that brings a lot of energy and spunk. The color choices and decision to have the students at the school wear their casual clothes instead of traditional British school uniforms makes “Sex Education” seem larger than life. 

The banter between the main characters Otis and Eric is quick and delightful. Their friendship deepens even more throughout the eight episodes of season two. The dialogue is witty and helps the characters become more dynamic. These intriguing elements of the show make it easy to want to sit down with friends and binge the entire series over a few days. 

Honestly, this season’s ending was a bit frustrating. I was expecting a more uplifting finale in contrast to some loose ends and questionable actions of the cast. All of the disappointing plot choices, from the main character Otis suffering a lot of blows to his favorable character along with multiple characters making questionable relationship choices, still does not stop me from wanting a third season. While a follow-up season has not been confirmed by Netflix yet, I still have high hopes.

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