Netflix Releases Heavily Anticipated Second Season of “You”

The second season of the dramatic thriller “You” was released on Netflix on Dec. 26. Joe Goldberg departs from his home of New York and finds a new place of residence and a new love interest in Los Angeles. Beware, this review contains spoilers from season one of “You.” 

Originally released on the Lifetime network, the first season of “You” gained extreme popularity after Netflix picked up the series. This season introduced the character of Joe, a hipster bookkeeper who stayed off of social media and limited his friend group. This all changed when Guinevere Beck, Beck for short, walked into his bookstore and into his life. Consequently he fell in love. 

Becoming heavily interested in Beck’s life, he began to stalk her and her friends both in person and online, readily forming an unhealthy obsession. Blinded by what he called love, Joe killed multiple of Beck’s friends, deeming them unworthy of her. Ultimately, he felt betrayed by Beck herself and killed her, framing the murder on her therapist. With such a shocking ending, the second season was heavily anticipated by thousands of fans. 

The second season starts with Joe finding a new place of living in attempts to evade his rightfully vengeful ex-girlfriend Candace whom he was dating before he killed Beck. When he finds new work at a place called Anavrin, he meets a woman named Love—ironic, right?. She ultimately becomes his new obsession. 

As she is a widow and Joe just got out of a relationship where he claims to have “hurt” his ex—he did way more than just hurt her— Joe and Love try to take things slow.  Joe struggles to evade his instinctual nature of killing others to protect the people he “loves.” He is even taken to a pair of sisters that live in his apartment building and feels the need to watch over them. 

This show is not for everyone. Its dark nature may often leave viewers shaken at the end of the 50 minute episodes. But for some reason, it is intriguing to see how the mind of a serial killer in love such as the character of Joe works. 

Penn Badgley, the actor who portrays the main character of “You” has addressed the problematic nature of being attracted to Joe, and the harm of failing to condemn his violent and behaviors on the show. In an interview with Gina Rodrigiez, he explains the misleading and unhealthy nature of the initial branding of “You:” “I think the logline on Lifetime is ‘how far are you willing to go for love?’…To me, it’s ‘how far are we willing to go to forgive an evil white man?’” It is important to realize the boundaries of enjoyable entertainment and real life.

Shortly after the release of the second season, Netflix confirmed that “You” will be returning for a third season on April 9, 2020. With many people still buzzing about the current season months after its release, many will be excited to see where Joe Goldberg’s violent thought processes lead him to next.

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