Aries-A new month and a new week brings new responsibility. Remember to not shirk your duties and to stay diligent.

Taurus-You may find yourself in a position of advocacy or protection. Remember to never turn your back on those who need you.

Gemini-As Winter turns to Spring, so brings new opportunities. Go out and experience the nice weather when it comes

Cancer-Kindness is the truest virtue and the greatest gift in the cold of winter. Stay kind and warm to all you meet.

Leo-You may begin to suspect that someone may be trying to take advantage of your kindness, hardworking spirit, and diligence. Hold true to your virtues but remember to stand up for yourself.

Virgo-There may be some who try to disrespect you. Remember that you are deserving of human decency and respect.

Libra-You may be feeling that your work or hobbies are inadequate or invalid. Look at what you do in a new way and appreciate your strengths and talents.

Scorpio-As the new semester continues, you may begin to feel sluggish and unmotivated. Remember to keep going even when you don’t feel like it. 

Sagittarius-With rainy weather comes cloudy intentions. Keep an eye out for a false friend who may try to dampen your skies.

Capricorn- Change can often be difficult. Do not isolate yourself if you find that you are going through a change. Companionship is the best way to combat uncertainty.

Aquarius-You may be feeling nervous about a major decision in the near future. Remember that you are not alone and turn to those you trust to help you.

Pisces-Stress may have you weighed down and unable to complete important tasks. Remember to take time for yourself so as to not burn out.

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