“The Knight Before Christmas” Brings Holiday Cheer

Vanessa Hudgens, best known for her performance in Disney’s “High School Musical” trilogy shines in the Netflix original movie, “The Knight Before Christmas.” In this clean, holiday-themed romance, a 14th century knight named Sir Cole from England is suddenly transported to modern day Ohio where he comes in contact with a kind woman named Brooke.

Sir Cole is uprooted from his world of castles and horses when he stumbles into the forest on a cold day and finds an Old Crone asking for help. This woman puts him in a trance and tells him to “open his heart” while he is away. Once he does this, he will be able to return home. Miraculously, he is transported thousands of miles and hundreds of years away from the place he came to know. 

Confused and still dressed like an elite from the 1300s, Cole walks around a Christmas festival in a small town, urgently searching for the Old Crone to return him home. His goal is to make it back to England during his time period so he can watch his younger brother’s knighting ceremony. Then, he unfortunately gets hit by a car driven by Brooke, which he calls a “steel steed.” Thankfully, he is taken by a police officer to the hospital to get his injuries checked out. Brooke follows them to the hospital, feeling bad that she hit Cole. The doctors believe that Cole has amnesia, because that is way more probable than time travel, and Brooke vows to let Cole stay with her in her home until his memory comes back. 

Cole changes into some modern day clothes that were left by Brooke’s heartbreaking ex, and they begin to form a life together. There are multiple comedic moments in the movie. Cole has funny phrases for modern technology as he refers to the television at Brooke’s house as a “picture box” and the MRI machine at the hospital as a “tube of torture.” After a long night of staying up watching the “picture box,” Cole surprises Brooke with his use of modern slang as he refers to something as “lit AF.” 

This movie has the same simple, mildly entertaining nature of a Hallmark movie. Alexis Mowery (‘20) describes the movie best: “Corny, cheesy, but overall a good Christmas movie.” It is a great film to watch if you want to get into the romantic, funny mood of the holidays. This movie is perfect for people who love any type of cutesy romance, especially if it is holiday-themed. 

There might be a sequel or spinoff to this movie, seeing as there was an end credit scene featuring a minor character that ended on a cliffhanger. If there is to be another movie, I will definitely watch it. There is nothing better to distract yourself from the dread of completing papers and studying for finals than relaxing and watching sappy holiday movies. If you can’t find time to watch “The Knight Before Christmas” during the semester, reward yourself with it when finals are over.

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